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How To Overcome Carbohydrate Addiction

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To those who share a carbohydrate addiction like me, the struggle may not be recognized by others. After all, it is linked to the part of the brain related to substance abuse and dependence - similar to smokers. So, take courage in the fact that you are not alone in your struggle. 

Facing the side effects of going without carbs can be a harrowing experience, especially if it’s around those who are unaware of this type of addiction. I would crave all day, just to break at the end of it and overload on carbs. It got to the point where it began taking a toll on my health. 

Having an excess of unhealthy carbs can cause an increase in blood sugar and produce more insulin in your body. All that insulin can lead to weight gain and eventually cause diabetes and other health-related issues. 

By taking small measures over time, I have been able to cut down on my carb intake. Not only that, but slowly I am craving fewer carbs now! I wanted to share what helped me out when dealing with this addiction in the hopes that it can help someone else.

Here are some things you can do to overcome your carb addiction:

#1. Monitor your carbs: Not only will this put your intake into perspective, but it will also help keep track of what foods have high carbs and need to be cut down or avoided. While it may be embarrassing to have the numbers and stats of how many carbs you consume, it is essential to accept that this is the problem and it needs to change. 

#2. Use fiber as an alternative: Fibers are digested slower than carbs and can have you feeling full, cutting down on craving. While some high-fiber foods may not be completely carb-free, they include healthier amounts.

#3. Getting proper sleep: Another cause of craving carbs is a lack of sleep. By not getting enough sleep, your body will want more carbs to get energized. A quick nap or maintaining a sleep schedule can cut down on your carb craving.

#4. Distract with activities: When you are hit with carb cravings, a good idea is to engage in a non-food-related activity. A walk is always a good idea, or any other activity you may enjoy doing like painting or listening to music. Anything to get your brain release those feel-good hormones to stop your cravings. 

Is this a problem you face? What methods did you use to help yourself overcome it? 

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This is actually an addiction most people don't know they have. I know sugar can be one heck of an addiction but I think carb addiction is much harder because you body almost builds a reliance on it and when you have no carbs or switch to a low carb diet, you get legit withdrawal symptoms!

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Carbs are fine in moderation. I think here in the US, we eat them like we should be eating our vegetables which is a problem! One of the easiest ways to cut out addiction is to add in vegetables. I helped a friend do this. Instead of eating just rice or just pasta, you do about a 70/30 split of pasta and veg to start. You slowly add more veg and take out more pasta/rice until you are eating a 30/70 split where carbs are only 30% of the meal. Also, bread is not worth keeping a staple in your diet. Eating it a few days a week is okay but if you want to enjoy it, you may as well just save it for when you want something like pizza! Which shouldn't be eaten more than once a week anyways.

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