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  1. I would sort out all the legal stuff first. Is this going to be 10 million after or before taxes? Either way, I will make sure everything is legally sorted out and then I will start using it to pay off debts, buy a house, help friends and family, and then invest some into different things. Maybe stocks and crypto, maybe buy a few properties as well.
  2. I am not really into the genre of horror movies. I guess this is because I watched a lot of them growing up with my brothers. I likely shouldn't have been watching them either. I don't mind Halloween themed movies though, just not horror movies. One of my favorites is Hocus Pocus. I watch that every Halloween!
  3. I think this depends on how much work is needed. If it needs things done that are considered cheaper like new carpet, some paint, maybe a few new windows and doors that is not a big deal and you can often get a house for 10k less just because of those few things needing updating but if you need to do pluming, remodel a kitchen, fix a basement/foundation issue, ect. you are looking at needing another 50k+. If you can get a house that is turn-key ready for $200k or you can get a house that needs 50k worth of work but it is only $120k, then the one that needs the work will likely be the better deal longterm.
  4. I can see this. I mean this tends to be more of an issue with women being needy and men just wanting to feel needed. Like if you are dating someone who needs you to text all the time, miss work for silly reasons, or just generally doesn't trust you when you are out of his/her sight then that is a problem.
  5. I can consume artificial sugars of any kind. I will get terrible migraines and panic attacks from it. I am not sure why. I even get this reaction from xylitol and that is considered a safer natural sugar. I don't drink a lot of soda anyways. I have maybe a few cans a week. I think that is okay.
  6. I go when I have to. I think if you are over the age of 50, you should go at least once a year for a check-up just so if something is up, you can be able to correct it before it becomes an issue that requires lifelong medication or surgery.
  7. One of my classes when I was still in college had a girl from South Korea. She knew minimal English so she was kind of learning as she went. I couldn't believe it watching her progress over the semester. I think this was down to people being able to help her along the way, including having a very patient teacher.
  8. I never had a strong fear of them. I actually like some of them but I think the gross out factor and the chance of getting one stuck on me always freaked me out. I had a wasp stuck in my hair once and I was panicking over it. I ended up bringing it in the house with me cause I thought it had gotten free and it did not.
  9. The one down the road from where I am is paying $13 an hour to start and you get a $1,000 sign on bonus (after working for 60 days). They are allowing 14 year olds to work here as well. Imagine being $14 making $13 an hour! I was lucky to make over $8 when I was 16.
  10. That is likely it. Like think of people telling you that you can spend 30k or more and get a degree and be earning double or even triple that within your first few years out of college... You wouldn't have an issue with the debt at all cause you'd be able to pay it comfortably but a lot of people graduated and have spent several years graduated working somewhere that pays $15 or less an hour and are expected to be able to pay rent, a car payment, buy food, pay for health insurance, AND pay off all this debt.
  11. Like James mentioned, this stuff is voted and set up according to what people want funded. In areas where it is higher, you will notice more often than not that they have better public schools, a better police department, cleaner streets and parks, and far less crime. Some people vote in favor of higher taxes just to keep people who are most likely to commit crimes (those on low-wage incomes) out of their area.
  12. More and more prices continue to go up. I know this is going to cause even more debt and struggles for people. Are there any tips to prepare for this on-going inflation that will help keep someone on of even more debt?
  13. With all the wasteful spending and everything they have done, I'd like to think so. I know they want their money though. When you go to college, this is what you sign up for. I went and I have to pay back my debts like everyone else but I knew what I was getting into. I knew that it wasn't going to be cheap and I had the numbers right in front of me. I don't understand how so many students for to college every year and not pay attention to their spending and debts.
  14. I always wondered how these function and how much they make. I am talking about places that will take art from other people and print it on shirts, mugs, etc. and give a small portion to the artist and pocket the rest. I always thought that was such a cool business concept and would love to try my hand at it but I don't know what goes into it.
  15. I am sure most people here are aware that they has been a staffing shortage for most businesses. I heard from a few people that said they had to quit because their job was expecting them to work over 50 hours a week due to people not getting hired. Of all the places being hurt by this the most, I think small businesses are getting hit the worst. When you have places like McDonald's paying out $16+ an hour to flip burgers, who would work at a smaller business for $10 an hour doing more work? I swear everything happening right now and everything that has been happening was done on purpose. They used the virus as an excuse. I just hope the right people in the right places start getting the truth out there. Have you noticed any more small businesses shutting down recently? In the last few months we have had at least 7 close within 10 minutes of where I live.
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