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  1. This could be a minor thing or a major thing that people can't seem to grasp about you
  2. Everyone reacts differently to things, and everyone goes through hard times. During these hard times, what is it that people can do that makes you feel best supported?
  3. At certain times, habits can be seeing as negative things. What habits do you think are good?
  4. Is there someone you admire who either directly or indirectly affects the way you live your life?
  5. Friendships are an important part of a lot your lives, what are the things you look for in a good friendship?
  6. Who was your childhood bestfriend and why were they special to you? Do you still have contact and keep in touch?
  7. I don't have any, primarily because I've never wanted to.
  8. For me, it would be this time me and my family were on a LONG roadtrip and missed one of our only pitstops and so had to drive another 3-4 hours for the next one where we could have a meal. It was a random diner and I had a burger and fries that for all intents and purposes, was a normal burger. But God damn was it the best time because of how hungry I was.
  9. Whats the one thing about your home that you love?
  10. Are there certain things you do, or tasks you undertake that make you feel like your best self?
  11. Idk about changing your looks, but staying ft and staying attractive is definitely very important.
  12. I'm part of a small business group in my area which has been very insightful
  13. I think a support system is very important for a lot of people who have difficulties with it.
  14. Never even knew there was such an addiction. Quite insightful.
  15. Some great tips. Doubts in a relationship are very difficult to handle.
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