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  1. I am guilty of this. I am afraid of putting myself out there and taking risks. I feel like I will embarrass myself, let people down, or never gain skills beyond what I already know. I am working on it though! Posts like this help.
  2. I have been friends with some pretty angry people and they seemed to calm down and chill out as they got older. I think some people form habits with anger in their teens and never outgrow this though. It takes a lot of discipline to change something after you have made a habit out of it for so long!
  3. Smoking. I am working on quitting. I know it is bad for my health and while I don't smoke a lot compared to others, it is still smoking none the less. I would like to get away from it completely by this time next year. Fingers crossed!
  4. I did go to see the Halloween movie and I was kind of let down. I won't spoil it for you though! It just doesn't compare to the classic movies imo. I actually started a tradition with my friend where every Halloween Eve and Christmas Eve we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. So I will be doing that on the 30th. Still not sure if I will be staying in on Halloween day or not, if I do I will likely be watching horror movies from the past. The classics!
  5. I am not sure what I would do. I mean I would like to think I would establish a good future for myself with this money but I feel like I would end up going a bit too crazy from the start and make stupid buying decisions. I guess I would probably hire a financial advisor first for this very reason lol
  6. I heard someone say this the other day during a podcast I was listening to and it kind of concerned me. If the value goes up and keeps going up for Bitcoin and is showing us that the value of USD is going down, it means our buying power is dropping and our wages are dropping as well.
  7. I noticed some houses that come on the market are considered "move-in ready" which implies they need no work done to them. It would make sense if you are looking to buy property to rent out that you go this route as you can start making money on the property a lot faster. The downside though is that you are likely going to pay more for these properties because no work is needed and the house likely recently had a good amount invested into it for repairs. Is it better to buy a house that needs minimal work or should you stick with ones that need some elbow grease for a cheaper cost?
  8. In my state, a married person is able to bring in 22K before they will be taxed on this money yet they are expected to still report it at the end of the year. I am confused as to why this needs to be done. If you are not going to be taxed as a married individual, why then does the IRS need to file this information on you?
  9. I feel like a lot of people confuse these two things in a relationship. Most people like to feel needed to a certain degree by their partner. It can be financial, moral, skill, or general care taking. Whatever the "need" is, they like to have it fulfilled. On the other hand you have "needy" people who will often put strain ont he relationship by expecting or outright demanding that their needs are met through social discourse, planning, money, ect. and most people do not want to be in a relationship like that as it is like being in a relationship with a spoiled child. Was just randomly thinking about this today.
  10. I am not sure if this stands true or not but I heard several people claim that the more you go to the doctor in the US, the unhealthier you will become over time. I am sure this is true in some cases as many will have a problem diagnosed and be given a pill for it. Then the pill will cause another issue that the person will then need to take a pill for. The cycle carries on from there. I have only gone to the doctor 3 times in the last 10 years. One of those times was for a standard female checkup and the other two were considered emergencies (due to pain, one was a kidney stone and the other was from whiplash from being in a car accident). I don't go unless I really need to and I would prefer to try diet changes and exercise to correct and issue first rather than taking a pill. That is just me though!
  11. I wouldn't mind some kind of ability that kept my body from aging. Like no bone or muscle pain, my hair skin, teeth, etc, all stayed healthy and strong. I guess I would still be aging, I just wouldn't be feeling it or showing it.
  12. I have just one. It is a small heart on my wrist. I kind of a got it as a bonding moment with my sister. She got one as well. I haven't had the desire to get another one and likely won't. They are fun and can be interesting but just not something I am in to. It seems like people just get it for the cool factor these days.
  13. About 10 minutes currently but that will be changing in a few months. I am going to be going to a different location in December. That will be about a 25 minute drive. I am hoping it is not too bad in the winter!
  14. For sure! And to some people, something as simple as being on time could be viewed as too much of a commitment. It really needs to be reflected on the individual and their needs within the relationship and the willingness of the partner to understand. Dating the right person for you makes a world of difference!
  15. I could probably say the same. I understand. I will drop the topic. I do agree with your though. People need to just tell the government to shove it. It is bad enough they over tax us and rob us.
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