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How To Overcome Doubt In A Relationship


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Doubts in a relationship, especially when it is fairly new, are not unheard of. It is perfectly natural to have these pangs of uncertainty, no matter how happy you are with someone. 

Issues with past relationships, unanswered questions in the current relationship, and even general self-doubt can be significant facilitators of doubt.

Another major reason people end up having doubts is due to the concept and pressure of “The One.” The problem with “The One” is that it is a restrictive concept made popular over centuries of fairytales and romcoms. This adds unnecessary pressure on the relationship, leading you to doubt them and, sometimes, yourself.

The best way to get over these doubts is to address them. Once you acknowledge that these feelings exist, they will lead you to why they exist in the first place. And, it is only when you pinpoint the source of the issue that you get to the solution. 

Read on below for my advice on how to overcome doubt in a relationship.

#1 Be Clear On What You Want: One of the first and most important things to do is to be clear on what you want from the relationship and your partner. 

More often than not, the issues that crop up in a relationship are projections of what goes on in your head. So, it’s best to be clear-headed right from the start and be in tune with yourself. 

#2 Be Open, Honest, And Transparent: It goes without saying that open communication is essential. Instead of assuming what your partner thinks, take a moment to gather yourself and just ask. A lot gets lost in communication when you assume instead of being open and transparent. 

#3 Tune Out The Noise: This is quite an essential piece of advice. As humans, we tend to get influenced by a lot - movies, tv shows, friends. This is especially the case when close friends or family members are in complicated relationships. The idea is to tune it all out, so it doesn’t affect your relationship.

Always remember, your relationship is not the same as others. Just because bad things might be happening to other people does not mean it will happen to you. 

#4 Don’t Sneak Around: It is tempting to sneak around your partner’s back and check their phones or social media. This will cause unnecessary drama and might even cause a bigger rift between the two of you. If you have any issues or questions, it’s best to be upfront about it.

Have you had doubts in a relationship? What steps did you take to help yourself get through it? 

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Doubts... We all have them. I think having doubts in a relationship where you start to invest into someone can be hard. You might feel like you are setting yourself up to be trapped. The thought of them hurting you are leaving you is scary when you give so much of yourself to them. I think these are great tips that do help!

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The first thing you should always do if you are having doubts is to talk with your partner. Don't talk to family, don't talk to a friend, talk to the person you are in a relationship with. I noticed from experience that when I go to someone else first, I get filled with even more doubts and then I can't bring myself to talk about what is bothering me with the one person that matters in the situation. 

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