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  1. I have a few friends who argue with me all the time over debts. I said the same thing I said 6 years ago "you need to pay attention to what you are spending". I think a lot of young adults fresh out of high school got fed a lot of lies. I feel bad but I am paying mine back as it is what I am meant to be doing. I know what I signed. I guess a lot of people didn't think they would be in a position where they wouldn't be able to find work.
  2. I know a lot of people who lost their homes. That tends to be what happens. If you can't pay the debt, the bank takes it back. Same with cars and other larger purchases. I think smaller items they will be forced to write off, especially if you no longer have them.
  3. I hope this is right. Like everyone will go down at the same pace so no one has to suffer. I hate reading about stuff dealing with debts and the economy. I know it is not in a good place right now. Some people choose to ignore that are pretend it is. I am not sure why.
  4. I am trying to find a house with a pool when I start looking. We get all 4 seasons here so I would only be able to make use of it from June until September but I feel like it is worth it just to have something to do in the summer that keeps me active. I am sure it helps your kids lead a healthier lifestyle. I grew up with one and I know it kept me in shape!
  5. We have a few spots here that have such strange taxation. I would have to pay around $350 for a quarter of an acre where I live right now but if I drive 10 minutes south of my area, I can get over 2 acres for under $250!
  6. I always heard this was a gamble. It is kind of like timeshare property. You don't know if or when someone will be willing to put money into the property. I guess in a place like Miami or NYC, it likely does well but not many other places I can think of would see great success from renting out penthouses.
  7. Someone I know mentioned this very idea! I thought it was fantastic because no one in this area has a business like this and the closest gym is a good 30 minutes away. It could work out well in the right location!
  8. I think this is the way to go if you want to do any kind of printing or custom shops. You need a lot of money to get a full warehouse and printing machines as well as staff to manage them. It is a lot of work!
  9. I went on a blind date set up by a friend once. I went into it open-minded. I wasn't very attracted to the guy but he made me laugh. Needless to say, I tried to give it a go but the kiss at the end of the date just put me off completely. He was not only a terrible kisser but he had terrible breath.
  10. I was renting a duplex with a friend when I was still in school and the three people who lived nextdoor would constantly fight and they would be loud about it. It was a mother, child, and the mother's boyfriend. I think the girl was maybe 14 or something but her and her mother would get into screaming matches and then the boyfriend would start yelling. Thankfully it didn't happen very often during the times I needed to be sleeping.
  11. There are good and bad aspects to it. I feel like people are becoming more aware of issues other people face that are different from them which is great but a lot of people use their identity, race, or sexuality to abuse this. Same with corporate greed. The support movements and things like that but they do it for the money.
  12. I have a sibling who is very angry. He has anger issues in fact. He has been this way since his teens and he is in his 30s now and I honestly don't see him changing. I think people can change but only if they want to and are willing to seek out professional help to do so.
  13. I think the science behind it makes sense and while it won't be 100% accurate, it gives you an idea of how many calories your body generally needs to function. I think if you are going to cut calories, the number is useful for sure.
  14. I have tried a few different ones and they just do not work for me. I think they are designed in a way that you'd need to sleep naked or close to naked for them to work and I just can't do that. Never been comfortable with it!
  15. The government should be taxed. The way they are printing off money, they need to be paying taxes on it and they need to owe it to us!! lol I hate taxes. I understand why we have some, but the ones dealing with the nation are a complete scam.
  16. When I was 17, I was the third wheel with my friend and her boyfriend almost non-stop. I felt lonely. Her boyfriend's friend was interested in me but there was no attraction there. I thought he was goofy and I didn't find him attractive at all. I tried meeting other guys but nothing worked. I think because I was so lonely, I caved. I ended up dating him and a year after the fact, he cheated on me.
  17. I can be like this too. Once I get attached to someone and it becomes a habit to see them often, when things cool down and I don't see them as much, I get all panicky. I feel like I am losing them or something.
  18. I have never had issues with this but I have friends who do. It can be hard but I think it is worth accepting yourself. Some people just aren't as socially outgoing and it doesn't mean anything is wrong with you!
  19. An empty piece of paper! LOL I am trying to get into stocks but I struggle understanding so much of it and I feel like with the spare money I have right now (which is not much) it is hardly worth investing with. I think if I had a $1000 to spare, I would be more serious about it.
  20. It didn't go anywhere. The trendy topic of talking about it on social media among the "normies" has just shifted away from it. It is still growing and will continue to grow!
  21. I usually save what remains. I like to make sure my bills are paid and I have everything I need first. I don't want to save at the expense of living without something I need.
  22. Being discouraged easily. I will have ideas and creative plans in my head and if I start something and I feel like I am sucking at it, I will just quit and try something else. Not a good mindset to have when you are trying to earn money online!
  23. I would never spend more than 25 minutes driving to work! Wow I would be so miserable driving over an hour!! Mine is about 15 minutes. If the snow is bad in the winter, it will be around 30 minutes.
  24. I would like instant transmission. I don't know if anyone here is familiar with Goku from DBZ, but I always loved that ability he had. You can just teleport anywhere in the world in a flash. Would be handy!
  25. I would invest one million of it into Bitcoin. From there, I would buy myself a house with a minimum of 4 acres of land. I would then pay off my parent's house. I would work on establishing things for sustainable living on my property such as solar panels, rain water collection, full house filtration, and do just about everything I could to be self sufficient. I would likely donate 1 million to charity as well.
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