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My weight went down about 3 pounds in the last few days...


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I am trying to figure out what I did that caused this. It usually takes a lot for me to lose even a pound a week but 3 in less than a week? I know there were a few days I was eating less because of a stomach ache I had. I was still probably eating 1300 calories though so it isn't like I was starving myself. It was only for 2 days as well. I did start drinking more water and drinking lemon juice in water. Do you think those two things could cause weight loss to happen this fast?

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I do not think we have enough information to make a determination. It is to small of a sample size of data to make any determination. I know my weight fluctuates a lot +-8lbs depending on what activity I did that day. How much salt and water was consumed. 

With weight its all about the long term trend. Make a change like you did and just stick with it for a long time and then determine if you got the result you were looking for. 

Maybe the lemon juice and water helped flush you out a little bit. I would likely see little jumps or drops like this and consider them normal. 

To show what I am trying to say check out this graph of the last 4 weeks: 


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