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  1. You can be held accountable for your debts and have your property and belongings seized but you won't be forced to serve time over it. I guess that is a good thing but still, if they take everything you own that has any value, you have to start over and hope what they took was enough.
  2. Everyone I know says not to worry about it because if the US is going down, everywhere else is as well. The way the world works now as a global economy, several countries need other countries to survive. So when the USD drops, other currency follows suit. So what I am saying is that inflation will be bad for a while but it won't completely get terribly. It will work itself out through the global market.
  3. I would say shortages in the workforce is hurting the economy as a whole. Most small businesses only have a small number of people working under them. They are less likely to need extra staff where as somewhere like Walmart relies on having hundreds of people work in one location to function. I have seen some locations of chain stores tank massively because they are understaffed. It isn't even worth shopping there anymore.
  4. I wouldn't say unconventional so much as something "new" or "different". There are things that work and continue to work when it comes to marketing but finding something different that works for your brand or company, that is worth investing time into if you can.
  5. I have never looked into it beyond WoW. My ex played that game and someone had offered him $300 for his account. I couldn't believe it. I guess other accounts have sold for way higher so I am sure you can make good money doing this through other games as well as console profiles.
  6. I am not sure what is happening to this world. Some say a lot of these young people growing up don't know what it is like to struggle so they have to make up their own struggles to overcome because it is human nature to want to achieve something in life. I guess it is easy to just make up problems or make minor problems into major ones and then become an activist trying to fight it.
  7. One thing that I always hear is that you can lose weight with dieting alone but you can't do the same with exercise. I think this is fair to say if someone doesn't have the time. I think it is easier for people to cut back than to spend 2+ hours a day working out but if you are an active person, or become one just through general hobbies... I don't think you need to worry so much about what you eat. It is good to know your limits though.
  8. I think in many cases, this is true of fear in general! I know for me, I have always had a fear of spiders and bugs. I still do but it is no longer crippling. What changed me was having to stay in a basement for a year. When I was in between places, I stayed at a friends who basement was unfinished. It was clean but still, it had bugs. I ended up having to interact with different bugs and various spiders. I had to get over it and learn to trap/capture, or kill them myself.
  9. I love and hate this time of the year. It is too cool to have the air on but if there is not a good breeze coming in the house, I get so warm while I am in bed that it wakes me up. The last few nights I only got maybe 3 or 4 hours of sleep each night. Are there any kind of sheets designed to cool you off? I know they have warming blankets but I never heard of cooling ones.
  10. My father is very much into politics and when people bring up this topic, he says everyone is worrying about the wall at the Mexican boarder. They need to just build a wall around New York, California, and Oregon and a lot of the problems in the US was seize to exist. LOL
  11. That is interesting! I guess it depends on how you grew up and what you were raised around. I have some friends who are a little younger than me who still watch cable so there is a younger audience for it but I feel like they wouldn't have it if they had to pay for it!
  12. So anything that gets the body moving and the mind slowing down? I guess that makes sense. Thanks for your replies everyone. I am going to work on this more. Try and get things under control in the next month through exercise and better eating. See how I feel.
  13. Aren't there people you can hire to handle this for you and manage your stocks? I would imagine they are not cheap but if you have the money and want to ensure you see gains in the market, it sounds like a smart thing to do.
  14. Wait! You can do this when you are buying a house? I would have never thought to try this! How does someone go about doing this in hopes to get someone to accept your offer?
  15. It is so simple but so many people do not want this. They don't want to hear it and they will call you every name under the sun just to avoid taking accountability with their lives and actions. It is sad. I am glad you are raising your children to not be in this mindset. Such a small thing but parents who do this are doing the future a HUGE favor. We need more critical thinkers and less emotionally unstable people.
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