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  1. There are a lot of places within states that have lower tax rates and property tax rates. It just depends on the kind of life you want to live. You will get more for less living out in the country but you will need to drive an hour or more just to do weekly shopping at the grocery store. Also shipments cant take a long time to get to you.
  2. Just do what Jeff Bezos does and make it so your company earns zero every year! LOL Yeah James basically covered what I was going to say. This is something that always made me mad though. Like they tax smaller businesses so much so, they have to really boom to succeed and if they manage to, a larger corporation offers money to just buy them out.
  3. Same in my area. All the chain stores and even schools seeking out bus drivers! My husband is considering doing bus driving part time for one of our schools since they seem to pay decent.
  4. A friend of mine heard that one of our local hospitals started taking on staff from outside the US. Like no joke, they are hiring nurses and doctors from Mexico, Canada, and other close-by areas outside the country just because they wan't to get rid of anyone who will not be vaccinated. It is insanity! As for small businesses, I know of a few that are doing just fine and one that is looking to expand. I guess this depends on the niche. I would assume most smaller restaurants that require full staff to operate have shut their doors for good by now.
  5. I am sure it works just fine in the right circumstances. I personally would focus my efforts more online and offline these days unless I had a physical store where I would want to get local support and customers.
  6. If you did want to start something like this, I would do it on a smaller scale like James said. Focus on fitting to niches. Maybe sell items for your own website or open up a shop on Etsy or eBay where you sell prints and offer a customization option for your customers. You won't make as much but it would be more manageable and you wouldn't have to worry about competing with China or other already established larger businesses.
  7. I agree with James. You have to go in expecting it to be voluntary work and have it be valuable to you without money. If you have the free time and want to do it, do it! Usually people who avoid doing things for free are shorter on time.
  8. A friend's niece was doing this. She happened to know how to make them and had the material to do so. She was selling them for between $6 and $12 depending on the type of mask. I think she had told me at one point (when the masks were hard to come buy in the store) she was making hundreds a week just from selling them!
  9. I mean, yes and no. The friends I have lost are almost always down to us just drifting apart in life. One started having kids at a younger age so didn't have enough free time. Another went back to school and was working full time, again not having time for much else.
  10. I always thought the concept was silly. Like I understand the aspects of it being good like @Ella mentioned but outside of that, it just sounds like a bad experience I would not want to be a part of. I would much rather have something grow organically like it did for my husband and I.
  11. My husband got me listening to a podcast called Timcast. The owner (Tim) is a liberal but not in the sense of what you would consider a liberal today, a real one. He and his group are very much pro-rights, pro-gun, and pro-America. They always talk about this stuff on there. One thing that I admire is that they are working to take the culture back. This stuff doesn't make money and this lifestyle they are feeding to people to be good is destroying them. I am glad more people are stepping forward and counteracting it best they can. It is definitely a problem when half the country hates the country and they can't even use logical reasons why.
  12. If you want to keep it easy, fast, and simple.. You can't go wrong with white rice. You just have to make sure not to overeat it. You can pair it with any meat or vegetable and it will taste great. You can also do different styles and versions with it to compliment the other parts of your meal.
  13. Maybe $25? I am not entire sure. I know I have gone to more expensive places but it was on a date or as a group and I didn't have to pay. My sister on the other hand went to some fancy restaurant in NYC a few years ago when she took our mother for a weekend trip and for the two of them, it cost over $150!!
  14. I think it helps if you are overeating. You can actually pinpoint why you are not losing weight. I know someone who was working out an hour every day, 7 days a week for over a month without any results. Turns out, she ended up eating more after she started working out and it canceled it out. I feel like the best approach to weight loss is simply aiming to burn 500 calories daily through exercise or physical activity in general as well as subtracting 500 calories. That will end up being 2 pounds a week you'd be losing. While the science is not exact, it seems to be working for me!
  15. I feel like a lot of people struggle with this and either do little to nothing to assimilate or they go out of their way and offend people. I have a friend who's co-worker's family moved to the US from another country. They found other people like them and lives in the same area. They all shopped and lived in the same spot and made no effort to learn English. This greatly hindered their ability to do much of anything in the US.
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