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  1. I had a stuffed plush that looked like Lassie. I am not sure if anyone would remember that or even know what that show was. I loved that thing. I used to have to take it everywhere with me, even to the dentist. I refused to put him down and the dentist got mad and kicked me out. lol
  2. I work from home so my morning commute is about a 15 foot walk from my bedroom. lol I do freelance work and support online so I get to work from my home office. I am thankful every day when the weather gets bad out. My husband says as much as he'd love to work from home, he wouldn't want to me stuck home this much.
  3. I think this would be mine as well. I hate traveling! I hate being in a car, I don't like planes or trains, I never want to go on a boat. It would make it super easy to get to places and it would be free!
  4. My husband and I started working on our savings about 3 years ago. Between the two of us, we have managed to save almost 20k. We would like to be able to have a good 150k saved up prior to my husband retiring but this depends on how the economy goes. He will have a 401k coming as well, assuming that holds!
  5. Just focus on smart spending. Get items that will increase in value for you. You can look to do investment buys for items that are projected to increase in value in a few years so you can in turn sell them in the future.
  6. I think the most I would spend is $50 but the most I have spent for a meal just for me was $30. My husband and I don't. go out to eat very often. We prefer take-out or just cooking at home. I never was a fan of eating in public, not sure why.
  7. You can or can't? I am assuming you meant can't! My sister is like this. No one else in our family seems to have the problem with this, only her. She will actually get hot flashes from it as if she has a fever. Her doctor told her she has an allergy.
  8. I usually go once a year, sometimes a few times depending on the doctor. I make a point to see my dentist once a year, my eye doctor every other year, and I get general check ups every few years.
  9. She has to put her foot down. I know it seems hard and she likely doesn't want to hurt her feelings but it has to be done. She will not stop and it will likely only get worse if she doesn't do anything about it. She will be mad or upset in the moment but she will get over it.
  10. I had a friend cut me from her life for her boyfriend. Apparently he had a crush on me and instead of handling it like adults, she just stopped talking to me. I found out months after the fact. I was a bit hurt by it but nothing I could have done to change her mind. She ended up only dating him for 2 years. I hope it was worth throwing away our 7 year long friendship!
  11. I am what a lot of people would call "co-dependent" but so is my husband, so for us, it works out fine. I have been called needy in the past and I am okay enough with myself to admit that but the way it works in my marriage is that we are both equally as needy and both willing to help each other out. We never feel used.
  12. My boyfriend I had right after high school was not someone I liked. I mean he seemed weird and I was not really attracted to him physically (he was a bigger guy). I ended up dating him after I spent time with him one on one at a park. It was a group event but we had some fun talks and everything and I actually started to like him... Problem is, this was a front and I only found out who he was 6 months in. It took me awhile but I ended up breaking up with him.
  13. Something I learned is that some people other they don't care and don't want to change, even if they know they issues with anger hurt their relationships and damage their reputation. I don't think there is any help for these people because they refuse to change in the slightest of ways.
  14. What I mean by this is if you own a small business vs working for a business, do your tax rates change? It seems like in some cases they can be different from what I am reading. I am just trying to better understand it. When I say a small business, I mean something you do by yourself online that doesn't earn a lot (less than 30k a year).
  15. I always thought this creative approach was not only cost-effective but it got people talking. Using art is a great way to do this be it online or offline. There are laws you have to check into in your area though when dealing with art on/in public spaces though!
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