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Working out in the AM or PM - Which is better?


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I think in terms of what you burn, muscle gain, and fat loss - the time of day doesn't matter. This is more so about preference for you. Like if it is easier to fit a workout into your schedule in the evening or it is better for you in the morning so you stick to it. 

Which do you prefer and what makes it better to you? 

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My typical workout time is in the morning. That is when its coolest to get all my cardio work done. I have been thinking about adding weight lifting and yoga to my routine though and I was planning on making those evening activities. 

I like getting the hard things out of the way first most of the time but I do not think I would get a good weight work out after a 5k jog, then a 20 mile bike ride. So I think as I add to the routine spacing some things out will be good. 

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