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Can uploading videos to Facebook be profitable?

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When it comes to uploading to Facebook, does it pay well? I want to try and upload some of my content to Facebook and hopefully see if it will draw me some profits on top of what I already made on YouTube. What do you guys think of facebook for making cash off of video content?

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I have not tried the program yet but you got me digging around to figure out how to be eligible. 


These are some pretty steep standards. 

10,000 Followers - This one is not bad pretty simple to get to. Does not cost much using FB ads to hit this target. 

600,000 total minutes of viewed video in the last 60 days not including cross posts, boosted videos, or paid watch time. So 600,000 organic minutes will be needed. 

5 active videos should need to be there. I would assume with the above stats you already had 5 videos. 

So the requirements are bit steeper then YouTube. 

I will need to go find some webmasters in the program to find out what kind of RPM they are getting. 

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Facebook I hear is hit or miss most of the time. I know that you are also required to have like a 3 minute video, in HD to make sure ads play on it. At least that's what I remember from the last time I posted to Facebook. To get monetized, I guess you need it in HD (720-1080p I think) and be at least 3 minutes in length. So anything below that, I don't think you can put ads on. So it's weird and complicated. 

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4 hours ago, Yonder said:

I was not aware FB Videos had an incentive/ad program as well.

Yup, they're trying to become YouTube essentially. Which makes sense, because most of their content is stolen from YouTube anyway lol. 

2 hours ago, Kuro said:

Looking at the requirement James posted, I don't really think it's worth it especially since a lot of people are moving away from Facebook.

It can be worth it, if you post constantly and keep those videos coming. Eventually things will start to work, just takes a lot longer since you'll be starting out. 

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