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  1. Like Xbox accounts, Fortnite accounts, etc. Stuff like that. I know it's technically against the rules to sell an account for the majority of these services, but I know that doesn't stop everyone. Have you ever sold an account to someone? I have considered it, as I do have accounts that I built up a lot and probably have some money in. I'm not using them. I hear that if you have rare items on an account, it could go for some decent money. What do you guys think?
  2. When it comes to marketing, do you have to ever do something unconventional to market yourself, your business, or product? I feel like sometimes, people have to do something viral that draws people's attention on them. Have you ever had to go the route of getting really creative to get things done in your marketing? Like unconventional advertising. Does that make sense?
  3. The local McDonalds here is paying pretty good wages currently, and so are some other fast food joints. They know tons of people go to these fast food joints, so they're going to start paying their employees more. And thank goodness, that's awesome that they are being paid a lot more now. I hear walmart is even paying people good now.
  4. I'm kinda tempted to move to Las Vegas now haha! But knowing me, I would end up going to the casinos a little too much. Maybe that's why it's so cheap to live there, helps draw more people in to the casinos maybe?
  5. What would you do in this situation? Would you help the person being attacked? Would you hope someone else would step in? Or maybe you'll just let it happen? I don't know what I would do. But I like to think I would step in to help. But when it comes to such a situation, people freeze, and figure they shouldn't get involved. So, they tend to wait for someone to step up, but no one does usually. What do you think?
  6. I heard a while ago, that when debt collectors get into the situation, they usually take a small cut of what the debt is. So usually don't they lower the price some to help draw the person who's supposed to pay, in? idk, either way, do debt collectors try to collect on the whole debt?
  7. I think if there is noticeable change and they are trying to make things right, I think I would forgive. But, it depends on the son/daughter in this scenario. Because some people won't forgive, even if you change your life around. Hate is strong and some people hold onto that hate. I think I would forgive. Because having hate, won't get you very far.
  8. Speak of the devil. I am currently talking with a girl I have liked for quite a while now. I met her on a dating site a while back, and it kinda just became a friendship. But, I have taken a liking to her and have a massive crush on her. I'm scared to say how I feel, because I also don't want to lose her as a friend. I suppose one of these days I can just ask her to meet up one day and see where things go. Maybe there's something there, but if not, at least I have a new friend. Thanks for the tips OP. I appreciate it!
  9. So I was curious about what people's preferences are. When it comes to owning a duplex, would you keep it a duplex and rent it out to two tenants? Or would you remodel the duplex into one home, and rent or sell it that way? I feel like making it into a house would be better, but I suppose if you want to maximise profits, keeping it a duplex would probably make you more money. But I probably would go with a house myself, because I like remodeling and rebuilding.
  10. I used to watch the Biggest Loser a lot back in the day. I thought what they were doing was pretty cool, to help people lose weight. But I think they went all wrong about it, they made heavily obese people, do tough workouts that were probably more damaging to them than anything else. I heard horror stories about the biggest loser, like people gaining the weight right back, and people having multiple injuries. I read a story about a woman who ended up having bad knees after the show, because she was forced to run up stairs in a stadium. So to answer my own question, I would not ever join a show like the Biggest Loser. But, if I was obese, and they re-worked the show to be safe, I'd maybe consider it. What about you? If the show was safer, would you go on it?
  11. For sure, especially if it's made of gold or silver. I believe gold and silver on its own is quite high in price at the moment. So you may have something there. But, I would still get the jewelry checked out. Because some of the jewelry could be worth more than what it's worth in gold or silver.
  12. I hope so, because the moratorium that was put up for tenants not having to pay rent has since ended, so now landlords can start to charge their tenants again if they want to. Maybe they'll choose to lower the rates some to help their tenants out, but who knows if every landlord would do that.
  13. With the news of Only Fans backing off on blocking adult content, it got me thinking, would you ever consider utilizing a site like only fans? Of course, you don't have to use it for adult means, you can use it as a way for your fans to continue to support you. But I know the majority of people who will use it, will use it to share adult content. Do you think you could do only fans? For me, I don't think I could do only fans in the sense of what most people use it for. I would use it like patreon one day, but idk. I wouldn't do adult stuff, because who would want that haha! But using it for support sounds good.
  14. Let's say you're an alcoholic and you are supposed to quit. You figure out how to quit, but in turn, you end up replacing your addiction with one to food instead. So you replace alcohol addition with food instead. This can snowball into another addiction that you need to get over. You're not fighting the direct cause of your addiction doing this. If anything, it probably makes it worse.
  15. I think some people can get away with doing that, but I don't think it changes your SSN. So you're still identified as that person, just with a new name. The only way I can see getting away from bills, is to change your phone number, but I'm sure they'll find a way to find your new number.
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