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  1. A friend of mine is an admin of a discord server and he has been looking out for mods. It doesn't pay, but could result in possibly getting on the team to then get future work. I was wondering if it would be worth being a mod for them, if it gets me a possible job down the line. Should I give it a go? I'm cool with volunteering my time for a while, but I just hope it results in a paid job.
  2. I have always wondered about blind dating. Honestly it's something I have almost done a few times. I have reconsidered it each time, usually right up to the time I was going to go out. I mostly attempted to go to blind dating events, like those speed dating events. I'm not into doing that stuff. Anyway, have you ever tried blind dating? Or even speed dating?
  3. Yeah, for the time being, cryptocurrency isn't going anywhere. It will fluctuate up and down, as it always has, and some of us may get lucky and land into a win fall after some of the currency we invested in rises in worth. I think it'd be tough to win with Bitcoin, but invest in any crypto that is cheap right now. Don't overspend, just invest a small bit here and there. I want to invest more in crypto that's a bit cheap right now. Because if I lose out, at least I don't lose out on much.
  4. I'm more of the frugal mindset. I don't like to spend money very often, so I often end up saving it in turn. I used to be into shopping, but when you realize you don't need all of the stuff you want, you start to spend your money on practical stuff instead.
  5. Would you ever date someone who was 20+ years older than you? My brother is in his 20s and he's dating a woman in her 40s and I see them together and they look happy. I never been into the idea of dating someone that much older than I, but then again, I guess I wouldn't know unless I met someone I liked. Who knows, I may end up liking a man who is way older than I am. What about you, would you date someone who's that much older than you?
  6. Does anyone here own any workout equipment from Peloton? I've been thinking about getting a workout bike with a tv screen. That seems to be their specialty. But I think they also give a workout service as well, but I'm not 100% sure on that. Still though, their workout bikes and ellipticals are pretty cool. But, I am not a fan of spending that kind of money.
  7. You'd end up paying a ton for a celeb to get a short clip. I see that as a big gamble, because there's no garauntee people will go to your site because of a celeb. Sure it may get people to visit your site, but who knows if it will pay off. You need to sell what it is your selling. If you can get a celeb to show what it is you're selling, it could work. But I think you're going to pay more than what you'd get in return.
  8. Yeah to my knowledge they buy the debt and then try to collect themselves. I had a student loan I think that was sent to a debt collector. They would often ask for the full amount owed, but they probably paid less to get the debt, and now they want to get you to pay it all to them instead. But like James said, they will work with you because they didn't pay nearly the amount the debt is. So they can have wiggle room.
  9. I thankfully was never abused by my parents or anyone else in my family. But I know friends and other family who weren't so lucky. I'm speaking about child abuse in the way of being hit by a parent, berated or yelled at constantly etc. If you were treated by any of your parents that way back when you were a kid, would you ever consider forgiving them one day? Maybe one of them changes their bad ways, apologizes and gets better. Would you forgive them for the past? I can't say what I would do, as my parents were mostly good to me. Discuss.
  10. There are a lot of freelance sites out there, and some that are great, and some that aren't so great. There are many news ones popping up, most of which don't last very long. When Fiverr came around, there were so many fiverr copycats out there. Most of them ended up failing, because they tried to copy exactly what Fiverr was doing. Anyway, what recourse would you have if a freelance site you worked on, had money on, decided to just close doors out of the blue? Could you get the money you worked for? Or is it gone at this point? This is something I worry about with less known freelance sites, because you don't know if they will be around long, or when they plan to close down. Some will outright tell you they plan to close down, but have you ever encountered one that closed down without any notice?
  11. This right here. You kinda just have to push past the anxiety. If you're afraid of doing something, than challenging that fear will sometimes break it and help you get over said fear in the process. There's a medical term for it, where you push yourself to do the stuff you're scared to do. So if you have social anxiety, they would suggest you go into a group setting and talk. Or go out in public and challenge the social anxiety.
  12. I worked a short temp job at a call center many years ago. Hated it too, but it was mostly because of the anxiety of waiting for a call to come in. I had a few horrible calls, but for the most part, it wasn't too bad. Yes, I had the same. We shipped out toys and other products, and we'd get calls all the time about their fedex package not arriving when it shows it was delivered. We'd tell them to check around the property, with neighbors, or if it was an apartment, with the apartment manager, and if it doesn't show up in the next 3 days (depending on how long it was since it was marked delivered), we send out a new toy to replace it. And if they receive it, we ask them to send back. Hated dealing with those, because they would complain about it not being there and they would often ask if we could call fedex about it. I don't miss it, but at the time, it was good pay, so I can't complain too much.
  13. I want to start some sites to sell product, and I want to make sure I can garauntee a good amount of daily sales. Is there anything I can do to garauntee I get at least 1-5 sales a day? I have no clue what I want to sell yet, but I figure I could dropship and not have to deal with the shipping and handling. I would just need to market a lot.
  14. Buying stocks kinda guarantees you part ownership of the company. It's not a lot, but if you have more shares of a company, the more you own, right? That's how I see it anyway. If I buy enough shares, could I own a certain percentage of the business? Like, could I buy shares to the point where I own more than half of a company?
  15. I was shamed in middle school one year, where another girl in my grade, decided to pants me during class once. And pretty much the whole class saw. They ended up suspending her for a few days, because I ended up telling my parents, they called the school and complained. I felt like an idiot, but I knew I wasn't in the wrong. Her friends tore into me for tattling, which made me feel more like crap. It took me years to understand that I was not in the wrong and that I had every right to tattle. I shouldn't have felt shame that day, but I did, and it was all because of one girl. She got in trouble, but it didn't stop her bullying when she got back. I eventually defended myself though and just clocked her in the nose when her and her friends were pushing me around. Funnily enough, we had class pictures, and she ended up having a swollen nose during her pictures. But yeah, shame doesn't have to last.
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