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Would you invest in a house that is only 900 sq ft?


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I found a house that my husband and I could afford to buy. The thing is, it is really small. Everything has been updated in it and everything but we are not sure it is worth it. I feel like if we buy it and move, we would be downgrading and since we do intend on having kids, this would be a tight fit considering we have a whole room dedicated to a home office now and without basement storage, the smallest room in the house would have to be a storage room. 

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Yes! The smaller the better. It is a little smaller then my typical target but if the price is right I would be all over it. I like 1000 - 1200 sqft seems to be the sweet spot for my rentals when I look at it as rent per/sqft. 

Any real-estate if you can buy it cheap enough can of course be a great investment. 

Now since you are thinking of living in it would it work for you for maybe the next 3 years? I am pretty sure if the house is your full time residence and you live in it for 3 years when you sell it you can profit tax free up to 250k or 500k if married. 

Mindy Jensen talks a lot about live in flips and she has done it quite a few times https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/mindyjensen


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