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How To Overcome Complacency


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Working with the same routine for months isn't easy. This is especially true if there is nothing that challenges you anymore.

You finish projects with the bare minimum requirements just to keep up with the deadlines. This happens with our personal goals too, when the initial excitement and inspiration are lost. Being complacent doesn't seem like a dangerous state to be in, but it considerably restricts our self-growth and professional prospects. 

Now, I don't think it's wrong if you are recently becoming complacent with work and personal self-improvement goals. But, if this phase continues for a long time, boredom will creep in, and improvement will come to a halt.

Here are some practices which I use to tackle complacency:

#1 Take Breaks

When you reach the stage in life in which you complete the required actions without any enthusiasm and effort, it's time for a break. Forcing yourself to mindlessly complete tasks will only make the work appear daunting. I found that taking a few days to rejuvenate immensely helped bring back the enjoyment in my study habits.

#2 Reset Your Goals

If you feel bored with a monotonous job, maybe you need to reconsider life goals. A few years ago, I had reached my goal of graduating from the course I had set my focus on. But once I completed it, I didn't feel motivated about any of my work or study goals anymore. 

So, I had to take a break and jot down all my previous goals and the ones I've completed. After this, I created a new challenge for the year, so I had something to look forward to.

#3 Take Suggestions From Others

When you can't come up with good ideas, don't be afraid to ask others for guidance. If complacency has set in your work, ask a colleague about their approach to the same project. Getting a variety of new ideas from others can motivate us and bring a fresh perspective to the same work.

#4 Begin A New Activity

We all have some passion which we would love to follow, if only we could get some free time. When you feel stuck in a phase of inaction, it's time to pick up that hobby you have been putting off for so long. 

Pursuing exciting things to do outside of work and routine will add fun and inspiration to your life. These positive feelings will extend to your work and daily activities and help reduce complacency.

Is complacency something you have had to overcome? What steps did you take to get through it? 

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