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How To Overcome Introversion


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In this day and age, introverts are often looked down upon, as people have this preconceived notion that they lack leadership and social skills. 

But, being an introvert is fine because neither introverts nor extroverts are necessarily better than the other, as both have their distinctive strengths and weaknesses.  That said, if introversion is preventing you from doing the essential tasks of life or achieving business-oriented objectives, then it’s something that you must try and overcome. 

Don’t get me wrong, some of the most prominent faces on the Earth were wallflowers, including Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and Albert Einstein. But then again, these people were one in a billion and not your average Joe next door. 

Isolation, anxiety, depression, there are a ton of things that introversion can lead to, preventing you from achieving success. That’s why you must acknowledge it and take a few steps to overcome introversion to a point where it doesn’t hinder your goals.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to overcome introversion:

#1 Push yourself: one of the most effective ways to overcome introversion is by learning to push yourself. What I mean by this is that wallflowers should get out of their comfort zones and constantly push themselves into talks or circumstances that make them uncomfortable and vulnerable. 

I know that it is not all that simple, but you should gather the courage to do so, as it will help you overcome introversion.

#2 Stop overanalyzing: one of the main reasons why introverts can’t communicate their feelings and ideas to others is because they tend to process things internally. Not only does it make them hard to read, but it also leaves their friends and colleagues feeling uncomfortable around them. 

Hence, I strongly advise against over-analyzing little things in your head; instead, be frank with your friends and colleagues.

#3 Get out of your head: believe it not, introversion often stems from being overly anxious about what others might think. So, instead of thinking about your self-consciousness, turn your feelings and attention towards others. Remember that it is all in your head and that whatever you are thinking may not even be remotely accurate.

#4 Don’t label yourself as an introvert: to overcome introversion, you must avoid labeling yourself as an introvert. Labeling brings a lot of baggage which is just not your truth. Look on the brighter side and find things that are special about you, and work on them.

Have you had to overcome introversion? What steps did you take to help yourself through this obstacle?

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1 hour ago, EagleEye said:

Been told multiple tips on Introversion yet I am still severely introverted. One of the only things that has helped me is just purposely putting myself into extroverted situations. I may still act like an introvert but atleast it's something.

Yes this is something us introverts struggle with. The only way I have found to get more comfortable is just to toss myself into those uncomfortable situations. Sometimes we just have to jump to realize it is not so bad. 

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