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  1. Tip #3 should be re-iterated to many people in my friend circle. I live quite a frugal lifestyle and always get the impression that I am looked down upon (Even though my income is higher than most of them, I just don't spend a lot)
  2. I get quite needy in a relationship, basically co-dependent. It's something I've definitely been working on since past relationships.
  3. Some great tips. I think communicating your frustrations with your partner is also extremely important.
  4. Been told multiple tips on Introversion yet I am still severely introverted. One of the only things that has helped me is just purposely putting myself into extroverted situations. I may still act like an introvert but atleast it's something.
  5. I think especially since tax is at state level now this should be totally doable. Government should be able to disclose total amount of tax earnt, and where that spending is going in the next/previous year.
  6. Never had this happen but I am a very emotionally attached person and this would absolutely break me, to know the person I love likes/love someone else would bring down what very little self esteem I have
  7. One thing that comes to mind, what separates a fetish from a kink?
  8. I think certain things are definitely less affordable now. For one thing even earning less back then, people were able to afford houses a lot easier, but the current generation would have to save a lifetime to purchase a house
  9. This is a very easy mindset to get into as well, even without their own will. Depending on who you hang around with as well.
  10. As others have mentioned cardio is great, You may think that raising your heartbeat is counter-intuitive but going outside for a walk and run really takes your mind off things.
  11. I've seen a few sheets that even dispense cool air, although they need to be powered (Similar to heated sheets)
  12. I haven't used cable in a while. I just watch everything online or in the cinema
  13. Making money purely off of stocks isn't as straightforward. There are technically three approaches 1. I have enough stocks that I can sell a few every year and live off of that the rest of my life (Retirement savings) 2. My stocks are paying enough dividends per year to survive 3. I day trade stocks to make profit
  14. North Dakota and Nevada sound nice, considering the higher income rates as well
  15. Being humiliated in public sucks, have had it happen on a few instances and it was the absolute worst.
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