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How To Overcome Frustration In Love


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Imagine being in a relationship and getting frustrated way too often with your partner. Yes, it can happen due to a number of reasons. 

Frustration can easily occur if you are not satisfied with how things are and you want them to change. You might get annoyed with some of your moves, or there could be too many fights happening in the relationship. And here are some ways to help in dealing with this issue. 

#1 Think before entering into a relationship: Sit down and think about why you need to be in a relationship. I feel that many people choose to enter into one just because of peer pressure. Now I understand it can get frustrating to watch other friends in happy relationships while you are still struggling to find someone. 

However, settling for anybody you meet would not really fill that void. Instead, you might develop unwanted emotions and dependency, which can again lead to frustration. 

#2 Find new areas of interest: It is time to shift your focus to other areas that you like. This could be a new activity that you are passionate about, or you could invest in a job and career. 

Even if you’re in a relationship, spending too much time thinking about it can get you annoyed. For example, your partner might have a separate life with friends which you are not a part of, and that might be bothering. If you can find your own areas of interest, then the relationship can blossom better. 

#3 Maintain a journal: Every time you feel frustrated write down your feelings in a journal instead of lashing out. Be specific about what you feel, and that should help in unburdening. Once all your feelings have been poured out, you will feel much lighter, and this could also prevent unnecessary fights. 

#4 Interact with a friend: I always believe that a close friend can help you out in some cases. Have a conversation with someone who you can confide in, and talk to them about your issues and the anger. If you have problems with handling anger, they would already know about it, and they can suggest effective ways to deal with it. 

The shoulder that they will lend in such times will be of great help. This would also help you accept reality better, and you can then choose how to deal with it. 

We have all been frustrated in love at one point. What steps did you take to overcome these frustrations?

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When I was 17, I was the third wheel with my friend and her boyfriend almost non-stop. I felt lonely. Her boyfriend's friend was interested in me but there was no attraction there. I thought he was goofy and I didn't find him attractive at all. I tried meeting other guys but nothing worked. I think because I was so lonely, I caved. I ended up dating him and a year after the fact, he cheated on me. 

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