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How To Overcome Sexual Sin


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Of the seven deadly sins we know of, sexual sin can be one of the hardest to deal with and overcome. Let’s face it, all of us have felt sexual desire or lust at some point in our lives. Although I have always been proud of my strong will to overcome any desire or urge, I must admit, I almost gave in to sexual sin a couple of times in my life. 

Just last weekend, my fiancé and I were away for the weekend, and we found ourselves alone in a warm, toasty cabin in the woods. The soft, romantic jazz music playing in the background, us cuddling under the covers with our hot chocolates, and the anticipation and excitement for our wedding just three months later began stirring things up.

However, I remembered my promise to God and myself, and we caught ourselves before it was too late. Of course, I have to admit; it wasn’t easy. But, here’s how I stopped myself from giving in to sexual sin. I hope this helps you do the same when facing a similar situation in your life. 

#1. Hold Yourself Accountable: First things first, don’t ever hold anyone else accountable for your actions. Be it your partner or your faith in God. 

What stopped me from stepping into sexual sin with my partner was remembering the promise I made to myself - to wait until we were married. Holding yourself accountable for your actions is the first step to overcoming an unwanted desire. 

#2. Communicate Openly: Desire isn’t always a one-way street. Sure, you can feel allured by watching an attractive stranger on the road or the internet. However, more often than not, people find themselves in tricky situations with their partners and don’t know how to hold back.

What worked for me was to communicate openly and honestly with my partner about my wish to wait until after we were married. Fortunately, my partner was understanding and respected my decision. 

#3. Talk To Someone About It: Talking to someone other than my partner also helped me immensely. I spoke to my best friend about my overwhelming desires and got a lot of fantastic advice, which helped me overcome my desires and feel less frustrated and stressed about it. 

#4 Shift Focus: If all else fails, try and distract yourself and shift your focus to someone else. As for my partner and I, we immediately began talking about our wonderful future and planning things, which shifted our focus and helped us overcome the initial desire we were facing. 

Are you one that chose to wait until the knot was tied? What steps did you take to accomplish that goal?

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I think for women the impact of waiting is typically more valuable but very few people do these days. If it is part of your moral outlook, then it is likely more than worth it. I only know one person who is a virgin and I admire her willpower to wait. It is not easy finding guys to date knowing they can't have sex. 

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