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I think I'm going to start collecting everything again


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Back when I was a kid I used to collect stuff on the thought that it'd be worth something down the road. Well I'm starting to see a lot of the stuff I used to collect, making comebacks all over shops, ebay and other sites, for tons of money. Stuff like old gaming magazines, that are honestly very hard to find these days. People are selling their old action figures in box, old collectibles, cards, and other such things. I wish I had kept stuff in the box and safe. 

But then again, I wanted to play with the toys I got as a kid. I didn't always think collector first. 

Anyway, if you can stop yourself from opening stuff, I would start to collect action figures and other things. 

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I have no self restraint for stuff like this! If I buy something, I am going to want to open in. I mean if I buy two of the same thing, I will save one but then I would just have to be spending more money. It is kind of a toss up right now with what will go up in value. I have considered buying Pokemon cards and not opening the packs but I wouldn't be able to sit on them long enough without opening them lol

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You never know what the trend is going to be. 

You almost have to go into it with the collector first mindset. I have plenty of hot wheels cars around my office here that have never been opened and just hang on my wall. Will they ever be worth anything more then what was paid for them? Who the heck knows...

Sometimes there are really fast trends like Beanie Babies. I worked at McDonalds during that crazy people were going crazy for Beanie Babies :/. 

As my kids have been learning with their pokemon cards things are only worth whatever they are able to sell them for. So just because someone says something is worth something if you can not find a buyer that is willing to pay that rate then what is the item really worth? 

There are some that seem really good at being able to pick out these trends and play them. 

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