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The COVID-19 vaccines are not stopping the spread of the virus...


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This was stated by the director of Centers of Diseases just last month. I believe she said it on CNN. The vaccines are keeping people from dying from the virus, but they are not stopping the spread of the virus. Why then are people still trying to push this forced vaccination? I see more and more people apposing it and I am glad. I don't care if a person chooses to get vaccinated or not, that is a personal choice and should be made between them and their doctor. Making it so people who choose not to get one or can't get one are being discriminated against in businesses and buildings is wrong on so many levels.

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My wife and I are asking this question constantly. 

Why are they pushing so hard? 

It is great to finally hear more people speaking their mind on the topic because I myself strongly feel a majority of Americans feel the same way but they are afraid to speak their mind in fear of been casted out of their current social settings. 

I am lucky to work for myself where I make my own rules and have no employer telling me what to do. I have a car and can drive so if they force people on flights to be vaccinated well then the airlines will just lose my business.

The funnier thing is some are proposing mask mandates for unvaccinated individuals???? If vaccinated individuals can still get the virus and spread it why would a mandate just target one group? 

None of it makes any sense to me. Well it all makes sense but the fact the public is going along with it scares me a lot! 

This seems to be about power and money. 

If the government can force you to take a vaccine what else can they force you to do? 

Also who is paying for all of this? It is my understanding it is the tax payer that is covering this. Where is the money going? To the pharmaceutical companies. Now they talk about even more boosters? When does the public get to start paying for their shots of the insurance companies instead of the tax payer? 

If we are so concerned about public health why are we letting in so many immigrants during this "crisis"? Why are we not forcing them to test negative for covid before being released into the country and forcing them to be vaccinated as a condition of being here? 

None of it adds up and this is just a huge power play. 

I have been freaking out about this now since the vaccine was developed. My wife just recently caught up to where I am and instead of telling me I am over reacting she is now starting to ask the same questions I am. 

It just does not make sense and something is not right...

As a business owner I will never segment my guests or tell unvaccinated or unmasked people they can not shop in my stores.  When masks first came around I worried so greatly about the security of our team because we can no longer identify people easily. When people get to hide behind a mask they tend to not behave in the best way if they are criminals. Just 3 years ago we would have been pretty scared if someone were to walk into our store with a mask on. 

I can go on and on about all the hypocrisy around these topics and so many more. My primary company manufactured products in a industry that pretty much was just shut down by the FDA after a long multiyear battle. 

None of this is about public health. This boils down to power and money and that is not something I am willing to support for our leaders.  

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I am all for vaccination when it has a great value for everyone but what is going on with this vaccine makes no sense. They are either lying to us or hiding something. I am fully vaccinated. I had all my vaccines as a baby and a child, even a few in my teen years. Something I have never had was a flu shot and I don't want one. That is my personal choice. I have only had the flu once in my adult life! I have not had the flu since I was 9 years old prior to that. Everyone I know who gets flu shots are always getting sick every flu season. I never trusted them or the so called science behind them. 

I believe this is a health crisis, not a covid crisis! If people were healthy their immune systems would not have issues fighting this off. 

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I have nothing against the vaccine and thing it is, for the most part, safe. What I do have a problem with is them forcing it on people. That should be left up to people to decide and having companies step in and demanding it of people to shop places, eat places, or work places is insanely totalitarian. 

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