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How To Overcome Testing Anxiety


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Imagine studying for a test the entire night, but the next day when you walk into the exam hall, your mind is befuddled. As a result, nothing good happens, but you perform poorly on your test. 

To be honest, we’ve all felt like a cat on a hot tin roof before exams. Testing anxiety gives you the heebie-jeebies just before exams and can derail the months and weeks of hard work. While testing anxiety isn’t a strange thing for most students, it is enervating for some.

Testing anxiety is good as long as it keeps your mind alert and helps you focus on the test. But, it definitely isn’t great if your heart starts pounding or you feel knots in the stomach just before the exams. 

But know, you aren’t alone! Negative experiences, fear of failure, lack of confidence - anything can lead to testing anxiety. However, it is possible to overcome it. 

Here’s my advice on how to overcome testing anxiety:

#1 Prepare yourself thoroughly for the test: Yes, that’s what you must do first. Pulling an all-nighter for your exams will make you more anxious rather than studying for months. When you’ve prepared thoroughly for the test, you’ll feel more confident and less anxious before the test. 

#2 Adequate sleep a day before works wonders: If you cram all the study material just a night before the exam, I’d ask you to stop that right away. A good night’s sleep can work wonders in reducing your testing anxiety. I suggest going to bed early because it is better than staying up till dawn. It’s better to start preparing months before the test to avoid such situations. 

#3 Block all negative thoughts: It isn’t the right time to think of your previously failed tests. You must also never think that you won’t pass the upcoming exam, as such thoughts can send spiral anxiety. Instead, boost your morale by remembering all those times where you’ve scored good marks. And, you’ll definitely succeed.

#4 Fuel yourself up with a healthy breakfast: I’ve seen many people skip breakfast before the test just because they are anxious. But, what I’d recommend is not to miss the first meal of the day as it fuels up your body and boosts your energy levels. Eating junk is a big no-no! Eat something healthy and nutritious to remain charged up for the day. Berries, avocados, bananas, or anything you want!

Do you get testing anxiety? What are the steps you take to help yourself overcome it?

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Oh man, don't remind me about taking tests. I will tell you right now, don't procrastinate. I am someone who procrastinated far too much in school and college, and it probably made my schooling worse. 

So, that's another tip, I would say try to not procrastinate the day and night before the test. Study. Make sure to focus your time on exactly that. 

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