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People who workout for long hours or all day


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Do you know anyone who's serious about fitness, so serious that they will workout for hours and sometimes even a day? Or very long hours in general. I can get an hour at most of a workout. But if I'm playing a sport or something, I can probably go a bit longer. But a general workout is about an hour for me. 

But I hear some people workout for 4 hours a day. And I hear some people do even more than that. How do people workout that much? Isn't it taxing on the body to workout for so long? 

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When I am going well my work outs are typically 90 minutes a day 6 days a week. I am in a bit of a resting period right now but my running training in my plan is ramping up next month. The workouts are going to get long. Check out what I have planned rolling into November of this year. 


My training for running will start to taper around the end of the year and then I will go back to focusing on cycling as my primary for a bit. I switch back and forth. When the weather is nice I do like to get at least one 3 hour long bike ride in per week. 

The long work outs feel really good and are typically more of a mental challenge then anything. Got to get that mind strong and continue to build the confidence. 

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