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How To Overcome Doubt On Husband


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Betrayal is hard to get past – sometimes, the betrayal may have happened at the hands of your husband or an ex-partner. Other times, it is all in your imagination. 

Indeed, it is possible that doubting your husband has everything to do with you and not them. Are you happy in your marriage? Or are your in-laws hostile towards you and plant the seeds of doubt? Do you think your husband could’ve done better? Or perhaps, you may be feeling like you are the one who settled in this relationship. 

Needless to say, doubts or fearing betrayal are all part and parcel of any marriage. Yes, even people in rock-solid marriages that have lasted decades go through it at times. However, problems arise when these doubtful thoughts begin to creep into your peace of mind every hour of the day. 

Eventually, you may grow to resent your significant other and take an impulsive decision to break things off before getting hurt. So, before making any rash decisions, I bring you a few ways that can help overcome doubt on your husband:

#1 Be honest with yourself: leaving aside your husband’s actions that may have triggered your doubts, take a little time for self-reflection. Often, when young and in love, we jump into marriage before figuring out what we want from it. 

That said, take a notebook and a pencil or simply open your phone, and jot down a few expectations you have from this marriage now. Ask yourself if these are realistic and if this present partnership can meet them. 

#2 Identify patterns: a commitment problem, being cheated on by an ex, or childhood abandonment issues – distrust and the fear of betrayal may be deeply rooted in your past. That said, it is unfair to project doubt rising from another source onto your current partner. 

Think about the reasons that spiral you into a rollercoaster of doubt and whether they are worth ruining your peace of mind. 

#3 Communicate with your husband: finally, once you are in a calm headspace and have done some thinking, express exactly how you feel. In a non-accusatory manner, mention which actions of his led to these doubts. In fact, you may take guidance from a marriage counselor to provide a safe space to talk out your issues. 

Sometimes, the doubt stems from your need for reassurance, and increased communication itself may fix the issue. In the worst-case scenario, both of you come clean about your expectations – even if it leads to a separation. Either way, your doubt will be resolved, and you can be at peace.

Have you had doubted your husband? What steps did you take to work through it? 

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I am not married but I was engaged and I went through all this. I did find out he has been planning to cheat behind my back and I ended the relationship a few weeks after. I just couldn't trust him anymore. My next relationship, because of that jerk, was mad so much harder with trust. I know for a lot of women, trusting their husband comes down to issues with past relationships. You have to make sure your ex's actions aren't being falsely reflected onto your husband or new partner.

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