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Do people actually use tapeworms to lose weight?


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I heard a while back that some people would ingest real tapeworms in order to lose weight. For those who don't know, tapeworms are parasites that get into the digestive system of animals and humans and eat off food and other stuff within the body. I've heard of some people who literally get a tapeworm in order to lose weight. Would you ever do something so drastic? I couldn't do it, but I bet there are many who would. 

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Wow that is really strange. I could not think of putting another live creature inside of me to help aid in weight loss. Going for a run sounds like much more fun. 

From my reading on the topic this is the same as a tapeworm infection which has been proven to be extremely dangerous and can do more harm then good. 

There are some crazy people out there trying some crazy things. 

In the end there are no short cuts and completing a goal is supposed to be hard. We have to make sacrifice and change to our daily habits to accomplish the things we want to do. 

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