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Balancing a schedule while working on your own?

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This is something I struggled with when I first started working from home online. I couldn't stick to a schedule and it really made completing tasks on time a struggle. I still slip up now and again which sucks but I mostly got the hang out it now. What I found helps is sticking to a strict sleep schedule, even on the weekends. Also, allowing a few different windows for work with me time in between so I am not sitting so much... Though I end up sitting at my computer more than I should LOL! 

How do you balance a schedule while working as your own boss? 

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This is a tricky topic. People that work for themselves have very different mindsets then those that do W2 based work. 

Work is a hobby of mine so not working to much and remembering to spend time with my wife and kids has always been a bit of a challenge. I try to keep my time in blocks and I do not think about days of the week. I rest when I am on vacation and other then that some work will always get done every single day of the week. 

Having a solid routine helps. I know exactly how my day is going to go before it begins as I plan my weeks on Sundays then I execute on that plan until the following Sunday. 

Life also throws us curve balls that will try to knock us off your routine. You have to roll with it and make sacrifice sometimes to finish a block of work during a time of day you normally would not. I do try to have a set bed time and I can meet that as long as I accomplish all my blocks of effort in a day. I also naturally wake up around the same time every day due to the consistent bedtime. 

My greatest weakness is staring at data for to many hours. Complete a solid work block of time and get to family time block but I end up staring at analytics, stock market graphs, bitcoin graphs, and fitness data. I do not think looking at the data is complete waste of time as it helps me recognize trends but I do know I have higher value activities I need to be doing during that time. 

I find breaking things all the way down into tasks and then figuring out how long those tasks take and then telling yourself how many times you are going to do a task helps define the start and end of work. We all know the work is never done but sometimes it is ok to put off something until tomorrow to make sure your life still has balance. 

There are opportunities to be found spending time with family and friends and those are typically the blocks of time that get overlooked by self employed people because we are so focused on accomplishing our goals, making clients happy, and growing our enterprises. It really does become part of our normal life and does not feel like work half the time because we are loving every minute of it. 

Maintaining balance is important especially if you are a workaholic. 

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Because of my kids, I am forced to keep a strict sleep schedule which is helpful. During the summer though I do have a harder time. My boys are 9 and 10 so they can basically take care of themselves outside of cooking and making sure they stay clean but I have had to juggle a lot around having them home with me since last year for school. We switched to homeschooling permanently after the COVID issue shut down our local schools. Oddly enough, both my boys do better now but I have to owe that to their teachers which are amazing with online learning. We opted for a completely online based school and the best part about it is the state pays the cost. We just supply the internet and the software costs. 

That was a bit of a ramble, sorry! The point I was getting to is that my kids keep me on a schedule. I have a 4 hour window where I try to get most of my WFH duties done. This is the point where they start school at 8AM and their break happens at noon. Then I make them lunch, do the laundry and cleaning, etc. 

After that I do any shopping I need to once their school is done for the day and work on getting dinner going. 

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Pick a time that you feel most comfortable working, if this is an option, and stick to it. I know it seems silly to do but it helps to use your phone as a "punch in" and "punch out" system so you have more accountability to getting your work done. I won't lie and say I have mastered it because I even get distracted myself but once you find a good schedule for you and your work, it will be easier. 

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