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Be relentless in your pursuit towards your dreams.

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In this Motivation District video, viewers are encouraged to chase their dreams. The time to start our journeys is now. The narrator tells the audience that if we have a dream in mind, it is possible to have that dream. Reaching our dreams will take hard work, dedication, and a lot of courage, and through challenging times, we must remind ourselves that anything is possible. The first step in this journey is always the hardest. Knowing this, many won’t take any risks or chances. Most people have already done all that they are going to accomplish because of this unwillingness to push themselves further. The narrator recognizes this and encourages his audience to shift their thinking away from this, “for people who run to their dreams, life has a special meaning.”

Disappointment is inevitable. Pain is inevitable. Defeat and setbacks are inevitable. Although these things are unavoidable, they are also opportunities to grow and discover things about ourselves that we did not realize before. It is through hardship and challenges taht we start to see the greatness and power within ourselves. 

Similarly, many people do not start their journeys because of the opinions and perceptions of others. The narrator shares this powerful quote as a response, “someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.” We mustn’t allow others’ perceptions to dictate our actions or inaction. Not everyone will join you on your journey. Because of this, it is important to remain grateful for those that do stick with and support you. Our dreams are attainable through relentlessness, a strong work ethic, confidence, and support from the right people. 

This video can be accessed below.


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On 7/23/2021 at 6:07 PM, Sophia said:

So many people these days just give up so easily. Is it any wonder why millions are stuck in jobs they hate and feel like they are just floating through life instead of actually living it!? 

I see it over and over again. People unhappy with the way their life is going. I like to ask and learn about these things and the most common thing I see and hear is people just get in to much debt and have so many obligations they start to feel trapped. They have to go to work to service their obligations. They purchased all this stuff because they thought that is what success was. Then they learned that no one really cares about the size of their house or the type of car they drive. 

Then I have watched so many try to start businesses and then fail. They wonder what went wrong and its typically lack of time dedication. Starting anything new takes a lot of time which is why I like to advocate doing something you are passionate about. Then the grind does not feel like time wasted it is something you really enjoy. 

A lot of people are chasing money and I understand financial goals but money is one of the rewards of providing great value to other people. They need to focus on the value they provide and not the cash. 

Heck starting this brand can be a lot of work. We are not building up traction as fast as I would like. I have to constantly remind myself that the reward is on the other side of suffering and I have not yet suffered enough. It is the moments when you have finally had enough and want a change that you have to power through and get it done. A quitter will never learn if something could have worked or not. Only the people that put in consistent effort every day can learn. 

That is how I keep myself going. I know I just need to be more consistent then the competition. At the same time I have years of catching up to do which is that starting grind. Eventually it will break through and you get on the other side and think about all the great things you have accomplished. I love the fact I am trying to build a platform to spread positive messaging all around hard work. So I am going to keep grinding. 

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You get out of what you put into something. A lot of people think that they can just slide through their dreams and reach goals without putting in the hard work. I think this is why motivation is such a HUGE factor! You can't just give up the second things don't go your way. Push through and see it to the end. Even if you fail, you will be happy you at least saw it through. 

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