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  1. In this video from Motivation DIstrict, viewers are taught the ways in which self-love can change their lives. From health to relationships to motivation, self-love and acceptance can transform an individual’s reality. Some ways that self-love can change someone’s life include: Bettering their health With more self-love, individuals are more inclined to take better care of their body and wellbeing, eating better, exercising more, and garnering more overall respect for their body that does so much for them. Acquiring higher-quality relationships. “We accept the love we think we deserve.” If we have a higher standard for how we love ourselves, then this communicates to others the quality of love we require. Whatever feeling we feel for ourselves, we attract- whether it is good or bad. Increasing self-confidence Through self-love, we appreciate all that we are and all that we are not. We are able to recognize our flaws but do not feel insecure about them. Feeling happier This is a given, but loving ourselves more may translate to living a happier life. We begin to do what’s best for ourselves and our happiness. Having more drive and motivation in life With high self-worth comes the feeling that the self can accomplish more. The stronger we feel, the more drive we have to accomplish our goals and not settle for anything less. Caring less about what others think or say about you Many are concerned about what others think about them and feel the need to fit in. Similar to other points on this list, with more self-love, we recognize not only what is best for our happiness, but appreciate all that we have to offer -regardless of the opinion of others. Learning to be kinder to the self Failure is a part of life. Someone with little self-love may crumble at the thought of failure and experience feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt. Through bettering our self-love, we tend to treat ourselves with more kindness, compassion, and forgiveness during challenging times. Self-love is extremely important for our growth and prosperity. This video from Motivation District provides great insights into what self-love is and how it betters our lives. What are some ways that you practice self-love?
  2. “Within every moment is the power to chose.” In this video from Motivation District, viewers are taught the magnitude of their choices. Our everyday choices directly correlate to the experiences we have in life. “Choose wisely,” the narrator cautions. We often take for granted the power of our daily choices. There are circumstances, however, out of our control. It is important to recognize these and shift our focus on what we can control - our beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, perspectives, and actions. “Our lives are playing out exactly how we are choosing. Life does not just happen to you.” Often in life, the things that we want “do not want us.” Because of this we must make the decision to go after these things. Our future is created based on the seemingly insignificant and mundane choices we make day in and day out. To address this, the narrator suggests his audience think about the following: Where are you currently in life (i.e., job, relationships, health, routine, etc.)? Which daily choices help you become your best self? What habits, people, and/or behaviors no longer serve you? What is getting in the way of how you want to live? What are our surroundings a byproduct of? Our independent choices? Or uncontrollable circumstances? The narrator indicates that we often choose things out of habit, but notes the importance of letting go of old habits and patterns of behavior. By letting go of things that no longer serve us, we can then make room for our goals and choices to help us reach those goals. When evaluating our habits, we must ask ourselves the following: Is it worth it? Does this action add purpose or meaning to my life? While operating in the world is a difficult task, we must learn to take control of the things that we can and how we react to the things that we cannot. Our lives are dictated by our choices- the good and the bad. Choose wisely.
  3. “What do you do or practice to continue to grow?” In this video from Motivation District, viewers listen to an interview with American actor, Chris Evans. During the interview, Evans discusses his views on personal growth, his inspirations, and his fears. When speaking on growth, Evans explains that he approaches this practice like any new skill he seeks to master. Presentness has helped Evans amplify his own growth. “It is okay to be where I am,” is one of Evans’ many mantras. Evans compares his journey of personal growth to picking up a new sport. You are going to make mistakes as you learn a new skill, growth included. Evans’ also discusses the topic of inspiration. Having a career that aligns with not only his skills but passions is inspiration enough. For those looking for their passions, Evans suggests viewers ponder the question, “what were you doing when you were just trying to have fun?” Evans then discusses his fears. While we all have fears to some extent, Evans notes that being scared may mean that he is not fully present. Fears can then send him into a spiral of disappointment that he may not be achieving what he wants to achieve. All of this stems from his ego. To avoid this, Evans tries to remain present. Other tokens advice from this video include: Surrender to the moment and practice presentness Failure is okay Ignore the ego. This video from Motivation District is a great watch for those looking to unpack their ego’s impacts, presentness, and finding inspiration. This video can be accessed below:
  4. “Stop beating yourself up. Stop incriminating yourself. Stop judging yourself.” Throughout this video, the narrator discusses how to overcome the cycle of self loathing. The world is a tough place, no matter our position. Condemning ourselves in the privacy of our own minds only amplifies the negative messaging of the world. The brain is always listening. The more negative you talk to yourself, the worse your esteem and view of the world are. Self-loathing is fairly impulsive. It takes little to no effort to think of all the things that we do not like about ourselves. One way to escape this cycle of negativity in our own minds is to simply recognize these thoughts as thoughts and not as ourselves. The thoughts are messages that come and go. “You are not the negative thoughts, you are yourself,” the narrator explains. While this may be easier said than done, I encourage everyone reading this post to monitor their thoughts as closely as possible. When we catch a negative thought, we can simply recognize it at its face value and let it go. We are not our thoughts. We are ourselves. This thought-provoking video can be found through the following link:
  5. “You are going to face challenges if you want to get to your Mount Everest.” Throughout this video from Motivation District, viewers are encouraged to subside their egos and drown out the dominant messaging of mainstream culture. The main messaging of today is that growth is defined by constant happiness, sunshines, and rainbows. This assumption neglects the truth and the values that are learned through times of hardship. Everything that happens if for good, your growth, and is designed to help you burn away your ego. As we start to widdle away at our ego, we can then become more intimate with our authenticity. The narrator views times of suffering as times of prospoerity, encouraging his audience to develop an appreciation of adversity and love of tragedy. The narrator also encourages his viewers to imagine themselves detached from all outcomes and how brave they will be if they did so. By doing this, they will still feel joy and peace no matter the tragedy or victory. The sercret to learning the power of letting go is rooted in this understanding that everything happens to you is for your growth. By letting go, the trivalities that we once deemed catastrophic begin to feel more insignificant. Difficult things - no matter the size - should make you stronger, wiser, tougher, and more creative, not discouraged or angered. The narrator also emphasizes the importance of own each and every morning. Once you do this, your life will be elevated. Some simple steps to win the morning include: Getting up at the first sound of your alarm Making your bed Meditating or setting the stage for your day Moving a little Routines are only as successful as the disciplined the individual is. Through routine, we can start to see our lives in a new light and gain a competitive advantage. Waking up between 5 and 6 in the morning gives you time to work on yourself, your mindset, your “heartset.” Connecting with your cause gives you a clearer vision of who you are and allows you to be steadfast through everyday challenges. This video is a great watch for those looking to develop their discipline and routines, diminish their egos, and learning to let go. This video can be accessed below:
  6. “Whatever you do with your life, be a builder.” Throughout this video from Motivation District, technology’s role in our lives, ambition, and humility are discussed. The video starts off with a discussion about technology. “Technology does not change who we are, but magnifies us - both the good and the bad.” the narrator tells his audience. The contemporary issues we are facing today are not problems of technology but of humanity. Humanity has gotten us here, and it is humanity that will get us out. “Good intentions do not excuse harmful outcomes,” the narrator cautions. The narrator then continues this discussion with the thought that what we build and create define who we are, and I couldn’t agree more. This extends past our careers. The projects, relationships, and environments we build are a reflection of ourselves and our values. Taling responsibility of our creations requires the courage to think things through. Freedom means creating an environment in which we and those around us can grow great ideas and be nurtured without restrictions or burdens. Conversely, if we are to live with ambition, we must also learn to walk with humility. Humility does not necessarily mean becoming tamer, smaller, or lesser. Humility is about serving something that is greater than the self. “Being a builder,” means recognizing and making peace with the fact that you won’t be here for the end of whatever story you are starting. With easy to read captions and compelling images, this video is a must watch for those needing the inspiration to go after their ambitions and for those looking to improve their humility. Throughout this video from Motivation District, the narrator introduces many lessons, articles of advice, and wisdom to pass on to his audience. After watching the video, I strongly encourage you to think about and share what you are building in your lives. This video can be accessed below:
  7. During this video from Motivation District, viewers gain a better understanding of what self love is and what it is not. Self-love, as many of us know, is important factor in leading a happier and healthier life. Throughout the video, the narrator touches on the following key points: Self love is not a linear process We have been conditioned by society to believe that self love is selfish Developing self love is not a rapid processs Loving the self better can help open more opportunities to give and receive love Self love can uncover areas of our self in which we need healing Self love gives us permission to accept our own compassion. Learning to love the self is easier said than done. At times, we may feel like we are making leaps and bounds in our progress in loving ourselves. Other days are more challenging to love ourselves. On these days, individuals often are harder on themselves than they ought to be. Self-love is not a linear process, and it is okay to allow yourself to feel a wide range of emotions. Similarly, we are conditioned to view our self love and care as acts of selfishness. Some individuals often feel guilty or selfish for prioritizing their own needs over other commitments. The narrator encourages her audience to keep in mind that their health and happiness are their main responsibility. One of my favorite discussions from this video is that self-love allows us to accept our own compassion. There is often a negative connotation surrounding feeling sorry for oneself. Life is a difficult place, and it is easy to think that we are not qualified, smart, resourceful, or important enough. In spite of these feelings, we must reassure ourselves that it is okay to be where we are right now in this very moment and that failure is just a result, not a reflection of our worth. This video is a must-watch for those looking to love themselves more and the process that this may take. This video can be found below:
  8. Are you constantly surrounded by negative people? What do you do if these people live with you and/ or are related to you? In this video from Motivation District, viewers are empowered to find their inner peace even amongst the most chaotic of situations. The narrator himself has experience doing this. By recalling his time spent in prison, the narrator effectively communicates these ideas and tools to find peace in chaos. “Prison can be the most chaotic place, but it was possible to find peace there because I went looking for it.” During his time in prison, the narrator chose to surround himself with like-minded individuals looking towards the future. Weekly, he would meet with a group to discuss their plans, goals, books, and strategies on how to get out and stay out of the chaos. This anecdote is inspiring to viewers who may be having trouble finding peace for themselves. No matter the circumstances, we must always search for a group of people who inspire and uplift us. Sometimes, the most negative people we are surrounded by are often not a result of our own choices, meaning family or roommates. If you find yourself living in a negative environment, the narrator encourages you to balance that negativity with a group of friends and coworkers who are on more positive wavelengths. The narrator also encourages his audience to set the stage for each morning. He does this by starting each day with a positive thought on what the day may have in store. Similarly, when he is on his way to work or home, he mentally prepares himself for what may come so that when something goes wrong, his entire mood or day is not ruined. Setting the stage mentally takes a few moments, but it is important to leading a balanced life. This video is great for those who find themeselvs constantly in negative situations and looking to shift their mindsets. This video can be accessed below:
  9. In this video from Motivation District, viewers better understand the journey to finding their life’s purpose. Most people are looking for their purpose. However, this purpose cannot be found online, in the library, or through reading articles. Purpose is unique to the individual, but once it is found we must never let it go. The narrator of this video starts with an anecdote about his parents, their work ethic, and their background. Even at the age of 77, the narrator’s father continues to work every day at his medical practice, stating that his patients still need him. Inspired by his father’s dedication to his practice, the narrator states “I hope I never retire.” The following poem is shared during this video as well: “Spring has passed. Summer has gone, and winter is here. The song I meant to sing is unsung, for I’ve spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument.” This poem embodies a man whose heart is filled with regret over a life half lived. The narrator then encourages his audience to stop postponing life, get creative, see the world, and do the things that they have always wanted to experience. Essentially, the narrator tells his audience “stop being busy being busy.” Have you lost the connection to life that you wanted to live as a child? If so, the narrator encourages his audience to do whatever it takes to reconnect with that within them. Too many of us are in a waking sleep with a lost sense of who we truly are. Life is lost when there is a large space between who you are and who you know you’re meant to be. This inspiring video from Motivation District is perfect for those looking to reconnect with themselves and their passions. The video can be accessed below:
  10. “How would you kick your own ass?” Throughout this video from Motivation District, the narrator discusses how to outwork your competitors. The opening question above immediately draws the viewers’ attention and makes them think of all the shortcomings of their current company. “What are the things that keep you up at night,” the narrator continues to ask. Every company has its shortcomings and once identified, there should be the items a company addresses first. The next piece of the narrator’s business and entrepreneurial advice is to know the history of your ideas. Chances are that whatever your business centers around have already been addressed to some capacity. This does not necessarily mean that you can’t outwork your competitors; it just means that you should learn from their successes and shortcomings. The narrator continues that you alone determine your success as an entrepreneur. Everyone has the ability to be great at something, but it is determined mainly by the amount of effort you put in. Similarly, any time is the perfect time to start. If you put in the work and preparation, you will know when to start. Starting a business can be scary, and if you want more security, the narrator suggests keeping your full-time job and working on your side business part-time. Finally, the narrator cautions his audience that if you decide to start a business, “you better know your industry better than anyone in the world.” Competitors are not going to willingly allow you to take their business from them. Because of this, you must learn to reimagine the industry and how your product or service can enhance the industry. This video is chock full of advice for those looking to start their own business. The process can be scary, but the narrator encourages his audience that through hard work and dedication, they can make it in their industry. This video can be accessed below:
  11. Do you remember the last time you felt rejected? How did it feel? How did you overcome this feeling? At some point in our lives, we have all been or will be rejected for some reason or another. These reasons may be personal, impersonal, or a mixture of both. Regardless, the aftermath of rejection hurts and can make us feel discouraged, distressed, and doubtful of ourselves. To protect themselves from future rejection, many individuals shy away in life. Whether it’s in business, academics, or interpersonal relationships, some people retract themselves from life out of fear. The narrator, however, encourages his audience to accept and welcome rejection - not dispel it. “Rejection is our friend, not our enemy.” Often rejection has more to do with another person’s inner turmoil and not our inner value. Once we recognize this and implement the practice of accepting rejection, our lives will drastically change. Rather than becoming discouraged after rejection, we will start to move forward in life with confidence and high esteem. Individuals may also start to live more authentically once they start to accept and learn from rejection. Many want to be popular, liked, loved, and respected. In times of rejection, people often feel shameful, allowing rejection to diminish their confidence. Instead of celebrating their uniqueness, many alter themselves in order to fit in and rejecting their true self. Rejection from others hurts, but rejection from the self can cut even deeper. It takes time, practice, and patience to truly accept ourselves. This video is a must-watch for individuals looking to overcome rejection and the negative feelings surrounding it. The narrator provides great insights on how to shift their mindset from fearing rejection to welcoming it. What are some of the strategies you use to bounce back from rejection? This video can be accessed below:
  12. In this video from Motivation District, viewers are encouraged that all the inspiration they need can come from observing their parents. While not everyone is fortunate enough to have happy and healthy relationships with their parents, parental figures can provide guidance on how to live out a dream. From these figures, we can study their care, passion, resolve, commitment, and determination to attaining and maintaining their dreams. Parents are often happy and supportive of their children no matter what path they take so long as it is constructive and dreams-oriented One of the most difficult parts of life is when our dreams and our beings are out of sync and cannot be distinguished. However, once we are able to identify our own dreams, the narrator empowers his audience to “grab it, move with courage, and make it happen.” As we all know, life isn’t easy. Aligning ourselves as the dream can make us more steadfast in accomplishing our goals. Our dream is composed of our own mind, body, and spirit. No matter the struggle, the narrator encourages his audience to fight to the finish. The narrator also cautions that our dreams are bigger than our careers. A career is “like a dashing horse on a racetrack.” Dashing through life on autopilot is no way to live a fulfilled life. Life is about dreaming, aligning with our purpose, developing discipline, and focusing on what we truly wish to achieve. Life is too short to gamble on it. There may not be a tomorrow to materialize your dream reality. This video is a must-watch for those looking to find their dream, align themselves with that dream, and slow down to define what life means to them. This video can be accessed below:
  13. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by feelings of uncertainty, self-doubt, and/or anxiety? If so, what are some practices that you have implemented to combat this? In this video from Motivation District, the themes of finding one’s purpose, overcoming depression, and loving one another are discussed. I am sure that everyone reading this post has felt overwhelmed at times. Whether it is feelings of self-doubt, loathing, or uncertainty, we have experienced these emotions in some capacity. In this video specifically, the narrator discusses these feelings being experienced by teenagers. While I believe these emotions are also shared by adults, I think it is important to discuss how they impact younger generations. The narrator discusses how over 60% of students experience depression, anxiety, fear, and/or self-doubt to some degree. The narrator then gives his audience perspective by saying “if you looking around the classroom- virtual or not - 60% of the people you see could be experiencing some sort of mental compilation right now.” Because of this shocking statistic, the narrator encourages his audience to show encouragement to others. You may never know the true impact of your words. The narrator also touches on the concept of purpose and knowing who you are. Many young individuals believe that they cannot make an impact; however, the narrator states that they can make an impact on those surrounding them today. The narrator also encourages his audience to shift their mindset from “everything in life is happening to them,” to “everything in life is happening for them.” All things in life and all experiences had are working for us and for a bigger purpose. This shift in mentality may cause people to feel inner peace and be more aligned with their life’s work. The narrator also touches on the importance of knowing who you are. This is a more difficult task than it appears to be. Some people have an easy time figuring out who they are; others struggle to ever accomplish this. Despite this, we each have control over who we are and how we operate in the world. This video is great for those looking to shift their mindsets and put out more positive vibes into the world. This video can be accessed below:
  14. In this video from Motivation District, viewers are encouraged to never give up. The narrator throughout this video explains the obstacles and impact being an amputee has presented. Often, the narrator would question his purpose on Earth. In the past, the narrator would often get down on himself because of others’ actions and words. People putting one another down often makes life harder for others. Recognizing this, the narrator asks his audience, “what are you going to believe? Yourself? Or everyone’s judgment of you?” Negativity is guaranteed in life, but this should not discourage us from living our lives. While it is easier said than done, the narrator encourages his audience to dispel others’ beliefs that they are a failure and that no one likes or cares about them. Every human being has value. This value is not determined by your looks, job, how much money you have, or where you were born. A person’s value is defined by their character and how they treat others. Every human is also looking for happiness. Many believe that with more money, they will become happier. To this, the narrator explains that all the money in the world cannot heal the soul. Happiness can be found by enjoying the journey that is life. In life, we can only take one step at a time. It is easy to want to take multiple steps at once in order to reach our goals; take steps in different directions, and get lost and fall down. No matter how many times we fall down we must always get up and try again because there will not always be the chance to do so. This video is a great watch for those looking to overcome negative circumstances in their lives and can be accessed below:
  15. In this video from Motivation District, viewers hear the inspiring words from American music artist, Beyonce. Throughout the video, Beyonce empowers marginalized groups to “make power moves,” and lead with their hearts. “Every human being is born with a masterful gift.” Beyonce continues on to explain that you do not have to look or speak in a certain way to achieve excellence, only be your authentic self. Beyonce encourages her viewers to embrace their uniqueness and not to let others’ projected insecurities deter them from achieving their goals. Criticism can be hurtful but can also be used as fuel. “Respect is everything,” Beyonce continues. Without respect, successful relationships are unattainable. The world will respect you as much as you respect yourself. Beyonce also suggests the following as secrets to success: Put in the work You will fail more than you win Do not feel entitled to win Never compare yourself to others Continue to work on yourself This eloquently spoken speech can be accessed below:
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