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How would you go about getting non-profit status?

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I would like to one day start a non-profit with some friends, to help raise money for my community and other local areas. I heard in order to really do anything, you gotta establish a non-profit, but you have to establish an LLC too or something? I think it would be a great way to help the community, but want to do it 100% legit and legal. And I want to make sure donations are shown. I'd like to show what donations are used for too. 

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I think it is a matter of pitching the concept and getting approved for it. If you do it on a smaller scale, you don't need a license but if you want a functioning team with a building to operate out of and you plan on taking in a lot of money for donations, you will need the license and approval from your county/district. 

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I always wondered about these. When I was growing up I said I wanted to start a no-kill pet shelter and I know those places heavily rely on donations and support from their community. Interesting stuff! I will have to learn more about this myself if I ever decide to get one up and running!

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