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Investing in a small park


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There is a small park that could use some tender, and loving care. And I was thinking about just purchasing the park up, fixing it up, and maybe extending it to another bit of land to make it an even bigger park. 

Has anyone here purchased a park? Or maybe even started one of their own? 

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Have never purchased a park. 

I have thought about camp grounds, parking lots, or maybe even operating a kids trampoline place. 

What would be your plans for monetizing the park? What kind of park are we talking about? 

Interesting idea you have brewing. 

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2 hours ago, Sophia said:

I didn't know you would actually own a park! I mean where I live, the parks are state owned and considered protected land. I would love to own a park though but there can't be any money in that. 

Yeah, there are state owned, government owned and private owned parks. Some parks are created by the community as well, and run by community members through donations and stuff like that. 

But yeah, the big parks tend to be state owned and protected. But there are small parks out there privately owned I imagine. 

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