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How do you deal with anxiety about work?


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Work can cause a lot of anxiety. I know, I've worked most my life and have had anxiety with work the majority of the time. But how do you deal with the anxiety? Do you accept it and just deal with it best you can? Do you take therapy or other such things? What is your method for getting over work anxiety? 

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Is the work you do something that you love doing? I likely would get anxious at work if there were a bunch of tasks I really did not want to do. 

I try to align the work I do with the things I want to do that way it never really feels like "work". Yes sometimes there are more "tasks" that need to get done then normal and that can add a bit of stress to the workflow (I tend to enjoy getting overloaded from time to time). 

My method of getting over work anxiety would be finding a job that does not make me feel that way. 

I have found through working with a lot of people over the years a lot of stress comes from PPP (piss poor planning). 

The best way I found to get through a day without missing tasks is to have a task list and check off my tasks as I go. That can add a bit more organization to your work process which can reduce anxiety. 

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