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Do you hire anyone to handle your finances?

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Honestly I hate dealing with finances and money. I wanted to hire someone to handle my finances, and make sure everything is in order, but I could never push myself to hire someone. It may also be the fact that I feel it's a waste of money, at least for me. But it's also because I don't think I could afford it forever. Right now I am in a manageable situation, so I can handle my own finances, but if I ever make it into the rich elite, I may have to consider hiring someone to handle my finances and keep track of it all. 

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I do not. I do know plenty of people that have financial planners. 

It is up to your personal choice. If you do not trust yourself with allocating your capital a financial planner may be right for you. They can help with investments, tax planning, and sometimes even estate planning. 

I have shopped around and it always felt like I was being sold something. Oh you need this life insurance, or you should put this money in this exclusive fund. I did not like the process. 

So I manage my own capital. 

With anything once you dive in you start to realize it is made to seem complicated so people can sell you products. 

To each their own though.

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