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Will online markets continue to grow and expand?

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I know there are the big giants of the internet world (Amazon and Walmart to name a few) but for smaller businesses, is the future bright for online growth? I saw so much of it in 2020 that I was blown away. Because people were stuck at home or were too afraid to go to the stores, they bought more online than ever before and plenty have made it a normal thing for themselves. The shipping time sucks because you have to wait anywhere from 24 hours to several days but it beats going out into a busy store!

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Online will continue to expand. There are still a lot of people without quality internet so things will continue to expand in the online space for a long time to come. 

I do know small business will survive. Yes there are hard times when things are rough but there are also good times. We all have good years and bad years. 

Local business should be able to thrive as long as the owners are passionate whatever it is they are selling. The trick in this day of age is to specialize. If you have a small local store you can very easily setup a website to sell things. Shopify makes the process so simple now days and other competition is right being them to provide entrepreneurs with more options. 

So yes online continues to grow but local retail should be able to adapt and thrive. There are enough people out there that are willing to pay a little more and get great service then deal with some random person that has no clue what they are selling. 

I think people also understand as a community it must be supported by other members of the community. The only way to keep a nice place nice is by supporting the local enterprises in your area. Everything is moving online but people still enjoy leaving the house, talking to people face to face, and meeting new people. That will never change and local enterprise enables all those things to happen. 

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