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What's the first step in starting a business?


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The most exciting part of starting a business is getting it all setup and going. 

So you have an idea and you have written out your plan. Your next step is diving right into executing the plan you made. Sure for some the next step will be taking the plan to other investors and looking for cash. A large majority though will be putting in sweat equity to make it work instead of seeking investors. 

I think this is a process that tends to get over complicated due to the fear of the unknown. We are never going to know how to do everything or even be able to account for everything that will happen. Sometimes though taking a leap of faith and figuring it out as you go can be a pretty decent path. 

As long as you are consistently executing on your plan you will be able to build momentum and turn that idea into a real business. 

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I think this depends on the business. There are different approaches really and when done right for you and your time, they all can work. I think it is best to brainstorm things out. If you need funding, you will have to start there. You can't do much without money. 

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