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How To Overcome A Sheltered Childhood


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Most parents across the country are overprotective about their children. While it may seem all fun and cute initially, it hinders the child’s development and prevents them from achieving their goals in the future.

Having said that, I understand why parents would want to be overprotective. After all, as parents, it’s only natural for them to have the best of intentions for their children. They want to protect their kids from life’s adversities and ensure that they lead a smooth and happy life. 

However, too much of this helicopter parenting can prevent the child from learning the basic skills of life. Worse, it can diminish the ability of an individual to deal with little problems that are considered to be part-and-parcel of life. 

Low self-esteem, over-dependence on parents, and depression are a few of the many harmful effects that result from a sheltered childhood. That’s why you should start taking necessary actions to overcome the effects of a sheltered childhood. 

Here are a few tips that you can follow. 

#1 Start earning: one of the most effective ways to overcome a sheltered childhood is to be self-dependent, which is possible if you earn money. Hence, I suggest looking for a part-time job immediately. Not only will it make you independent but also help in brushing up your social skills.

#2 Move out: the main reason you are suffering from the effects of a sheltered childhood is that you have not considered moving out. Remember, life starts at the end of your comfort zone. People never realize what they are capable of and how fun it is to be on their own until they move out from their parent’s home. 

So, if you are above 18 years old and still living with your parents, maybe it’s time to contemplate changing the situation.

#3 Learn some basic skills: you can start by learning little things like preparing your own meals, doing the basic household chores, cleaning the toilet, etc. I know it is easier said than done, especially for someone who has had a sheltered childhood but trust me, you will learn and become good at it with time. 

#4 Travel Abroad: if you have the means to travel, please do it. This method works like a charm because, in a foreign land, you can only depend on yourself when it’s necessary to get stuff done quickly. 

Have you had to overcome a sheltered childhood? What steps did you take to get through it? 

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I'd say I had somewhat of a sheltered childhood. Growing up my parents didn't allow me to go out that much, and oftentimes I would be stuck not going anywhere. When I did get to go out and hang with friends, it was short lived as my parents didn't allow me to stay out late. So usually I was back in around 8pm every night. Sometimes earlier if my parents wanted to. 

I didn't go to my first fair until I was in my teens, I didn't see a movie in theaters until my teens, and more. 

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