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Has the market gone down since covid?


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Has the prices of houses gone down since covid became a problem? Or have they started to level out again? I feel like housing hasn't changed as much as we'd like to think. Have prices gone down a lot since covid? or have they stayed pretty much the same? 

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They have become more expensive in the area I live. 

I am also part of a private real estate fund that was going to take advantage of distressed landlords with all the non rent payment that was taking place. They were unable to procure very many deals. 

Our area across the board real estate prices are up 10 - 20% depending on the zoning. 

I thought for sure the way it seemed to slow down right at the start as equity prices started to drop there would be deals to find. It seemed everything held up pretty well and as we all know equity prices bounced back pretty quickly. 

I feel like things are starting to soften. I am starting to see more price drops in our local area on the wholesale lists I am subscribed to. At the same time it's still really expensive feeling. 

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