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Will Meta be a good thing for marketing?


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Meta is the new parent company of Facebook, and I was wondering if it will benefit marketing going forward? Do you think it will or will Meta end up being a failure? I mean, I should say it's just a parent company, and facebook won't be going away. But, I am curious about the marketing ability that Meta offers. Do you think it can be useful? 

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It is still Facebook. The only way it will fail is if something else better comes along that users like more. Such as how MySpace gave way to Facebook. Then again MySpace is still around and kicking so is it really a failure? 

Anywhere these platforms can bring together large groups of people it is good for us marketers. It gives us a platform to send our message to a wider audience. 

I am not a fan of the social platforms from a personal perspective but I have always loved them from the marketing side. Allowing me to easily get a message in front of a ton of people quickly is priceless. 

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