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How To Overcome Sinful Thoughts


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First of all, it's commendable for you to take a step towards putting an end to sinful thoughts. I think addressing what isn't right is the first stage of moving on from all unwanted thoughts. 

However, it's often quite hard to let go of sinful thoughts, especially now, when we have unlimited access to the internet. I have come across people who justify their thoughts and acts by saying that it's a natural human instinct. 

Even though I agree that these thoughts may arise once in a while, the real problems start when we desire to act on them. And, it can easily lead to irreversible actions like immorality and cheating on a spouse. 

Would you really want to feel ashamed in front of your close friends because of acting on a sinful thought? I guess not. So, it's essential to curb these feelings or notions at the right time. 

I know that it's kind of confusing and frustrating. So, to make it a bit easier, here are some of my tips to overcome sinful thoughts: 

#1 Avoid temptations: sinful thoughts are often linked to certain triggers. So, find out the things that may lead to those unwanted thoughts and curb them as soon as possible. If it's a person, avoid meeting them, and if there's an utmost necessity, meet at a public place. 

#2 Keep your mind engaged: the proverb "an idle mind is the devil's workshop" perfectly describes why sinful thoughts can creep into our minds. Adopting a new hobby like reading or engaging in meditation during spare time may help your mind from wandering to unwanted thoughts. 

I have also seen people distancing themselves from loved ones when they give into harmful thoughts. To prevent that from happening, use your idle time to engage with your family and friends.

#3 Establish a relationship of accountability: a loving environment gives birth to fruitful ideas about putting an end to unwanted feelings. So, find a close confidant in your spouse or a close friend and tell them about the negative or sinful thoughts. Keep in touch with them about your progress, and let them know if the thoughts come back.

#4 Seek professional therapy: let's be honest- there are times when we are deep into the problem, and no end is visible. To avoid being in such a situation for too long, seek help from a licensed counselor to figure things out. There’s also the option of couple’s therapy if you have shared the thoughts with your spouse.

Have you ever had to overcome sinful thoughts? What steps did you take to overcome them?

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One of the best ways to do this is to keep busy. A friend of mine was dating a guy who was an ex-sex addict and I don't know how she did it but she was able to make it work. He put in the work of always keeping himself busy. The more downtime you have of doing nothing, the easier it is to get into this kind of mindset and your hormones and thoughts run wild. 

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