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How To Overcome Humiliation


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I bet there isn’t a single adult in the world who hasn’t been humiliated. It is a part of our lives, and hence we must learn to deal with it. 

However, dealing with humiliation may not be all that simple every time because it can be intensely painful, depressing, and can degrade the person’s dignity.

Understand that there is no switch that you can flick to overcome humiliation; it is a process and not something that can be done in a matter of hours. But, remember that it’s absolutely normal and that there are people who have had experiences similar to or even worse than yours. 

Hence, keep your chin up and follow this post to learn how to overcome humiliation. 

#1 Never react with anger: reacting with anger is the last thing that you would want to do, as it doesn’t help in any way. Keep in mind that when a person humiliates you, they are humiliating themselves. 

Believe it or not, people look down upon those who humiliate others in public, as it is a highly shameful act. So, I would strongly recommend you not to react angrily, as it will prevent you from stooping down to the other person’s level. 

#2 Take responsibility: even though humiliation is emotionally painful and degrading, you should take responsibility for what you have done. Don’t try to deny responsibility and blame others for what you have done. This way, you will turn out to be a better and stronger person in the future. 

If required, ask forgiveness for your mistakes, don’t think too much about it, and simply treat it like an error made at work which caused a lot of problems. 

#3 Forgive yourself: one of the best ways of overcoming humiliation is by forgiving yourself whenever you mess things up. I feel that it is important to feel a little bad in order to find insights into the problem. 

However, don’t let the feelings of humiliation consume you to the point where you get depressed. You must realize that you are only a human and that it is okay to mess up sometimes. 

#4 Let it go: if the humiliation is bothering you and causing you agony, use meditation and other mindfulness techniques to get rid of it. If you hold onto grudges and negative emotions, you will be the one that suffers, so let it go and focus on what’s next.

Have you struggled with overcoming humiliation? What steps did you take to help yourself through?

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Oh man, humiliation sucks. I've had my share of it in my life, and there are some things I won't tell a soul and others I'm less embarrassed about. Eventually you kinda get over it. I tend to laugh at the mistakes I made in the past, especially the ones that were humiliating to me. 

I was pantsed in school once, so that was fun. I was also kissed by a girl I liked, but she turned around and said eww in front of a group of other girls. That hurt big time. 

Life goes on though, and you really have to kinda adapt and live with that humiliation. Soon enough it'll be a small thing that bugs you, but it takes time to get over some things. 

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