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How To Overcome Greed


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As we live in a highly materialistic world, it is only natural to want things that would make your life better. 

So, if you are greedy, relax; you are not alone. In fact, I would go as far as to say that there is nothing wrong with being a little greedy. 

To achieve something in life, you need to have the desire, or greed (if you want to call it that). It motivates you to cross your comfort zone and strive hard to bring success. However, the problem lies when greed is fueled by an endless desire to acquire more and more without bearing in mind the needs of others.

Deception, corruption, cheating, there are many things that excessive greed can lead to, creating turmoil in your life. That’s why you must acknowledge your feeling of greed and take serious steps to overcome it. 

Here are a few tips that you can follow to overcome greed: 

#1 Don’t underestimate the power of this bad habit: one of the most effective ways of overcoming greed is by acknowledging that you have a problem. Many greedy people go on about their lives without even realizing the harm they cause others by fulfilling their own desires. So, congrats! You are not one of them; you are already on the path to recovery.

#2 Consider sharing: even if it sounds a little childish, trust me, it works a great deal. If you have a lot of money, consider donating some of it to charity. A little donation every now and then wouldn’t hurt; in fact, it will give you peace of mind. 

For instance, distribute your old clothes and blankets to the homeless people on the streets. Keep in mind that you have more than enough to sustain your life, whereas they are struggling to survive.

#3 Don’t let money define your personality: just because you have money doesn’t mean you need to spend it on buying unnecessary things to impress others. You should be able to make an impression with your confidence and personality without relying on expensive materials. The more you let money define your personality, the greedier you become. 

#4 Be happy with what you have: lastly, you should be content with what you have. Count your blessings, work hard to achieve your goals, and provide a good life for your family, but never let greed get in the way. 

Have you ever had to overcome greed? What steps did you take to help?

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1 hour ago, EagleEye said:

Tip #3 should be re-iterated to many people in my friend circle. I live quite a frugal lifestyle and always get the impression that I am looked down upon (Even though my income is higher than most of them, I just don't spend a lot)

Being frugal is fine. I have never understood the desire to spend so much on consumer things. If you are going to spend money try to spend on assets that can make more money instead. Consistently invest in the future. 

It took me a long time to learn that bigger is not always better :). I think a lot of people that build wealth early and quickly like to be able to get more until they figure out how much it costs to maintain a large house, or a super nice car. Then you realize that other people do not care about the size of your house or how nice your car is. 

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