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Father's Day gift ideas?


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I am still shopping around for ideas. I have gotten him everything I could think of over the years and I don't want to get him something he won't like or won't use. I also don't want to just get him clothing because he already has so much of it. Anyone have any ideas for me? 

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My kids ask me this question every year. 

Really I do not want any gifts... I buy myself anything I would want anyways. What is always great is to get to spend time with family. Typically for Fathers Day and Mothers Day we just host a BBQ and invite all the Moms and Dads we know. Let the kids swim in the pool and have fun while the adults chit chat and just have a relaxing day. On Mothers day the Fathers do all the cooking and on Fathers day the Mothers do all the cooking. Works out great! 

If you insist on a gift here are some things that people can always use. 

- nice wallet
- Fitted Baseball Cap
- Personalized shirt

One year the wife and kids got me a meat smoker because I was shopping for one for 3 months and would not pull the trigger. That was pretty cool. 

Good luck with your gift shopping. 

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I struggle with buying gifts for people so more often than not, I will go on a recommended list and just pick something. I would much rather be able to just buy food and spend time with my dad and it be enough but because it is a social thing and my mother is obsessed with people getting gifts, I have to buy something. I think I am just going to order him some fancy trail mix, get him a new shirt, and buy him a big thing of batteries. He is always saying how he doesn't have enough of those. 

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