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What is currently the biggest and best stock to invest in?


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18 hours ago, Sophia said:

I believe it might be Berkshire Hathaway Inc. in the US but I am not 100% on this. I don't really follow stocks, my husband does and I remember him mentioning this one a few times and it being "insane" with how much they are valued. 

I have never even heard of that place. What do they do? I guess a lot of these bigger stocks have likely been around for a long time and I am no likely to know much about them because of it. I only know of passive stock like Gamestop. lol

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There is no stock / investment that is guaranteed to win. If anyone ever tells you that there is a guaranteed win I would say stay far away. 

When buying stocks it really depends on what you your investment goals are. 

I myself like to invest in companies that pay growing dividends. I like the idea of slowly getting cash paid back and reduces the need for me to ever sell an asset which removes one decision point which to mean that makes it feel like I have one less chance to make an error. 

What that does to my portfolio though is makes it look really boring.

In my opinion a lot of equities are priced pretty steep right now so I am not much of a buyer at these levels. 

If I were to suggest a dividend stock for someone's portfolio at this moment of time it would likely be ATT (T). It is trading down at its lower range due to the amount of debt they carry. The company produces positive cashflow though and has for a long time. 

One of my riskier picks as of late is Li-Cycle (LICY) they are working on building plants to recycle lithium ion batteries. They are also working on the technology to recycle solid state batteries which is expected to be the next generation of battery for electric vehicles. They do not pay a dividend but every now and then I do seek areas of new growth. 

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