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How To Overcome Frustration


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Let’s face it; modern life is stressful, and we often experience emotions like anger and frustration. These are complicated and unhealthy feelings, and going through them can be very overwhelming. 

There can be several causes of frustration, from excessive workload to professional setbacks and personal failures. Often, these negative emotions can be so overpowering that they hinder your ability to focus on anything else. 

You might feel short-tempered, lost, or anxious - with chaos enveloping your brain and making it difficult to think straight. Further, you may take out the anger on people and isolate yourself, which is neither healthy nor advisable. 

Whatever be the cause of your frustration, there are ways to overcome it. So, instead of dismissing the emotion, try to address it. This way, you will be at peace with yourself and live a non-toxic life. 

Here’s my advice on how you can overcome frustration:

#1 Acknowledge your emotions: Some people grow up in an environment that discourages them from expressing feelings of sorrow or anger. In such cases, people begin to internalize these feelings, and this leads to tremendous frustration. 

Besides, if your work environment feels overbearing, you may not be able to express any feelings clearly. Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge your emotions privately. 

#2 Know your triggers: Knowing what frustrates or angers you can be pretty reassuring. This will help you understand the specific situations in which you are triggered, and if possible, avoid these situations altogether. 

#3 Take a deep breath: You’ll be surprised to see how helpful taking deep breaths can be every time you feel frustrated or triggered. It calms your mind, puts things in perspective, and prevents you from reacting impulsively. 

#4 Rely on social support: Once you have acknowledged your emotions, express the same to a trusted friend or family member. Talking to someone you trust can be extremely helpful, and you’ll feel at ease. If you do not have anyone to talk to, write your feelings in a notebook and read them aloud. 

#5 Try meditating: Regular exercise and meditation can be soothing for your mind and is viewed as a stress-buster. I, for one, love staying active as it makes me feel in control and gives me something to focus on. 

#6 Talk to a counselor: If nothing else works, a professional counselor may be able to delve deep into your psyche and understand the underlying cause of your frustration. They may suggest suitable measures and help you work through these overpowering emotions. 

Do you find your self getting frustrated? It happens to all of us from time to time. What steps do you take to help overcome your frustration?

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