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How To Overcome Yourself


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Self-doubt and self-limitations are the biggest deterrents to a person’s success. They hinder their progress and derail them from the set path. 

If you have been experiencing similar feelings, remember that you’re not alone. There can be several causes of self-doubt, from low self-esteem to childhood trauma and continual failure. However, to reach your full potential, you must overcome these obstacles. 

While this sounds easier said than done, remember that the battle is with your mind. And, if you do not put up a fight, you’ll forever be stuck in a loop of uncertainty and toxicity. 

But how do you overcome yourself and stop self-sabotaging? Here are some tips I’ve followed in my life:

#1 Confront yourself: The first step towards overcoming yourself is developing some self-awareness. You have to realize that the only way to succeed is to admit your shortcomings and work on them. 

Try to understand why certain failures have come your way or why you haven’t been able to excel at a task. Is it the fear of failure or laziness? Is it your inability to do something or the lack of willpower? Once you confront the self, you can start moving ahead and working towards self-development. 

#2 Work on your self-doubts: Often, a history of self-esteem issues or fear of failure may prove to be self-sabotaging. Stop listening to the toxic voice inside your head and have faith in your goals and dreams. Try using reassuring words for yourself and see the difference. 

While it is essential to confront yourself, remember to be compassionate and acknowledge the difficulties that have hindered your progress. Self-criticism should always be followed by self-compassion. 

#3 Take a moment to relax: It may be challenging to break free when you are stuck in a loop. So, instead of beating yourself over it, take a moment to relax and clear your mind. Set clear goals and look at things from a new perspective. 

 #4 Seek help if necessary: If you cannot overcome self-sabotaging feelings, sharing your thoughts with a friend, trusted family member, life coach, or counselor will be beneficial. They will be able to work with you and keep you motivated. 

#5 Be persistent: Once you’ve set your goals and looked at things from a fresh perspective, it is essential to begin working again. Take one step at a time, develop self-discipline and positive habits. Most importantly, do not let small failures or self-doubt deter you from the path. Take failures in your stride and keep moving forward. 

We all have doubts and fears. What are some steps you take to overcome yourself? 

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Having low self-esteem is one of the hardest things to get over but for most people, it does get easier as you age. I know for people who really struggle with their appearances, that can actually be made worse with age. I think this tips are good and straight forward though. 

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