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Our 17 Favorite Freelance Websites to sell services on


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Do you have skills? Can you make graphics, or know how to write? 

You can help supplement your income by filling in some of your down time with Freelance work. 

Sometimes people do not know where to get started. There are a ton of different platforms to sell your services on or bid on jobs. 

Here is our list of our 17 favorite freelance websites to find work.

1. Fiverr


This platform allows you to list your services. You are able to charge more then $5 for your work and this is likely one of the largest most well known platforms. It can feel like a grind and the clients are not the best but if you can build a solid reputation you can start earning top dollar for your work. 

2. Upwork


Upwork is one of the largest platforms for freelance work where instead of listing your services and waiting for a buyer like Fiverr you get to bid on jobs that clients list. There is a ton of different kind of work available on UpWork so be sure to get an account setup and find places you can add value for your clients. A lot of big corporations use UpWork to augment their work forces so you can score yourself some pretty decent jobs once your reputation is up to par. 

3. PeoplePerHour


This site has a lot of freelancers on it so competition is going to tight. The cost to join as a freelancer is free which is why there are so many other people on the platform. There is a lot of different kind of work that needs to be done though and as your ratings improve you will be able to increase your pay ahead of the competition.

4. Toptal


Toptal says they have the best talent in the world. If your skills are top notch give it a shot and see the improvement in rates at which you work. Toptal is able to get you the most money for your work since it is such an elite platform.

5. Aquent


If your skills are more on the professional side such as project management, sales and marketing concepts, etc. This is the site for you. They do require experience for you join their ranks but can pair you up with some very good clients. 

6. Simply Hired


Simply Hired is cool because you are able to find local freelance / contractor opportunities. This opens the door to some different kind of work that you can not provide on the traditional freelance platforms. 

7. TaskRabbit


Sometimes we are not looking to do digital work. TaskRabbit is great and finding tasks to do locally for your other community members. If you are good at local interactions you can likely find some decent tasks to help pad the pocket book. 

8. Skyword


Are you a content marketing pro? Maybe you are an editor or content strategist. This is a world wide content site that helps brands grow. If you have great content talent check it out. 

9. Valilly


This used to be Crowded's platform but they were acquired by Valilly. They use AI to match freelancers with clients so the client can get the best fit for the job. Check out this platform for some decent paying work. 

10. 99Designs


99Designs is a freelance graphic artists place to be. They offer all kinds of design services for clients via contests that designers get to submit their work to be chosen. Yes it is a bit of a gamble to spend your time building something that may not get picked but if you have strong communication you can preform very well on this site. A great place to start building your portfolio and learning client relations skills.

11. Designhill


Another graphic design freelance platform. If you are strong with those Adobe tools go sign up and find yourself some work. Plenty of people looking for design work on this platform.

12. The Creative Group


Are you skilled in creatives, digital, marketing, advertising, and other public relations? This Robert Half company can help find you work with some great clients. Take a look and turn in your resume to start finding work. 

13. Nexxt


Nexxt can find you world wide and local work depending on how you are focused. A lot of large corporations are using this platform now and there are some great opportunities to be found. 

14. Writer Access


If writing is your jam then this is a great platform to give a try. They pair you with clients looking for great content for their websites or marketing efforts. One of the larger freelance writer platforms out there. 

15. Freelancer


Freelancer this platform has been around forever. As long as I can remember working in internet marketing. Anyways lots of good clients here with a ton of opportunity for all different kinds of work. Much like UpWork in the way it works. Go bid on the jobs you want today.

16. Guru


Guru is much like Freelancer and Upwork. Very similar type of platform and works in the same way. Clients post jobs that you are able to bid on. Throw your hat into the ring and find yourself some work.

17. Textbroker


If writing is your thing or you are just breaking into the freelance writing game this is a great place to start. When you start out you will not be earning much but as your ranking goes up you get access to better quality work so you get paid more for your writing. Give it a try. 

That is it for my list of my 17 favorite freelance sites. I have used some to provide services and others as a buyer of services. They have worked great for me over the years. 

I know there are ton more sites out there. What are some of your favorite sites to find freelance work or hire freelancers? 

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I had no idea there were this many options out there! I am a member on a couple of these offering different freelance work from writing and editing to actual graphic design and arts/crafts work. I think if you can make the most of the sites you belong to, you can easily earn good money working from the comfort of your own home. 

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I have found lasting work on a few of these sites! I have been working with someone now for a year steady. It has helped a lot. While I don't need to work, I like to have something to do and I like to have my own spending money so I can buy my husband, friends, family, etc. gifts without having to use my husband's money. 

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