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How To Overcome Bitterness And Resentment


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If you feel bitterness and resentment because you just got involved in a conflict with a friend or colleague, then let me tell you that it’s completely normal to feel this way. Naturally, nobody wants to feel like this, but anger is inherent in life. 

But, bitterness and resentment are the two perfect ingredients for leading a miserable life. I’ve been down this road, and that’s why I say it’s better to get rid of such emotions than holding on to them for life. 

So, the question arises, is it possible to get rid of this poison of bitterness and resentment? Of course, it is possible. But, it is an uphill battle against your emotions. And, only you can win this! The road to overcoming bitterness and resentment isn’t easy to tread, but it’s certainly not impossible. 

Here’s some advice on how you can overcome bitterness and resentment:

#1 Let go of grudges - Holding a grudge is like wearing a prickly, soiled, and uncomfortable sweater to keep yourself warm. Whether you are hurting from being rejected by your crush or have been deceived by a friend, it is better to let go of grudges for emotional well-being. It isn’t easy, but the relief that you’ll feel will be worth the effort.

#2 Forgive yourself and everybody else - To overcome bitterness and resentment, you need to forgive yourself for all the bitterness and accept the situation. Also, forgive those people who have wronged you or hurt you. Although it isn’t easy, doing so will only make you feel better. 

#3 Brood over their good qualities - Bitterness and resentment are poisons that contaminate your soul. That’s why you must try and focus on the good qualities of those who have hurt you. So, whenever you think ill about someone, remind yourself of their good side, and why they did what they did. 

#4 Avoid gossiping about those who hurt you - After we’ve been hurt, we tend to talk ill about those who hurt us. But, you must avoid gossiping about such people for this only hurts you more. 

#5 Be focused on improving yourself - Concentrate on bettering yourself, and don’t waste time thinking about those who hurt you. Instead, you should work on forgiving them for their wrongful behavior and work hard to achieve your goals. With time, your bitterness and resentment will fade away. 

What steps have you taken to help yourself overcome bitterness or resentment?

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