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Mindset, routine, and our gifts


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“Don’t worry about what others bring to the table. Bring what you can.” 

After viewing this video from Motivation District, viewers were inspired to regain control of their lives. During the video, the speaker asks his audience a number of questions, such as:

  • When are you going to be ready to be happy? 
  • Are you ready to boss up and take charge of your life? 
  • Don’t you realize you are just as special as everyone else? 

Happiness and control of our lives are something that many want, but few achieve. The speaker recognizes this and starts by encouraging the audience to first address their own self-destructive habits, such as procrastination. The narrator offers the audience the following mantra, “I will no longer accept the life given to me.” The purpose of this mantra is to inspire the audience to not give up on their life but to start creating their own realities. The first step in doing this is to do the stuff that we believe we can do first, and then slowly build upon that until we are doing things we never thought were possible. 

The video then touches on the importance of a routine. Developing and sticking to a routine can improve our discipline. Through discipline, we build habits, even on days where we don’t feel like doing something. 

The video also touches on how success is often determined by our mindsets. We often downplay our own talents in the search of becoming more qualified in order to make more money. The narrator at this point in the video encourages his audience to start making money with what we have. Each and every one of us has a gift. Our gifts are the things that we do best with the least amount of effort and provide a means to make money easily by doing what we love. An easy test to identify if we are doing our gift is our response to the alarm going off each morning. If the sound of your alarm makes you sick, then you are not doing your gift. 

Motivation District’s video is chock full of inspiring words and tools to set your goals in motion. This video can be accessed below. 


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