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Empathy and Perspective - Integral Characteristics to Effective Leadership


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In this video from Motivation District, the topic of effective leadership is discussed. Many of today’s leaders lack empathy and perspective. Oftentimes, leaders are more concerned about their status and position that they forget their own job. A leader’s job is not to be “in-charge,” but to take care of the people on their team. Leaders and managers are not directly responsible for the outcomes of a project; they are responsible for those completing the work. 

Many individuals are promoted to management or supervisory roles because they are good at their jobs. While people all have the capacity to become leaders, it does not necessarily mean that they will be good at this position or should be in this position. Leaders give away credit when a project goes well, but take all the blame for when things go wrong. Leaders are expected to stay late to train others and carry any of the overwhelming pressures of the job. 

Great leaders exercise empathy and patience. Many leaders, however, focus on bottom-line numbers and other performance indicators. This has become a standard but un-inspiring practice. When managers see drops in performance, it is more important to understand why and provide your team with the tools to succeed than just telling them to step it up. 

This video from Motivation District provides prospective leaders important information on how they can better their management style. With many examples and profound quotes, viewers walk away with a new perspective on how to best inspire their teams. This video can be accessed here:


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