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The spectrum is love.


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In a more thought-provoking video from Motivation District, the concept of true love is discussed. With compelling images and easy-to-read captions, viewers learn how to love better and the spectrum of love. The narrator provides an example of individuals who “exude love like the sun gives out heat.” Many of us see these people and think “I want to be like that.” The narrator points out that religions often seek to cultivate the same power in ordinary people. While these practices may be effective in some regard, they often do not elicit the same type of “light.” The narrator later discusses how he sought to learn how to work. To do so, he studied and copied the mechanisms of others to learn how to work better. While he saw some improvements, copying does not necessarily translate into the capability to work. This can also extend to the capacity to love. While we can make rules and look at others for inspiration, copying others’ mannerisms does not mean that we inherently have the ability to love. In order to better love, we must learn to love ourselves and be understanding of others. 

My words do not do this video justice. This video really elicits a change in the viewer’s way of thinking about the concept of love and loving others. This video can be accessed below. 


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